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Hey all,
I've just recently gotten into D&D (Been playing with some guys online for a couple months now as a player), and I've been thinking about giving DMing a shot. As a "new" DM, don't expect greatness, and I'll be running from books for a little bit. I am well versed in the rules and such, so no worries there. New players are not only welcomed, but encouraged (I'll teach you the basics if need be, but I expect you to do a bit of work yourself!).

I will be running this with 4E rules, via Roll20, and will use Skype if the players want/are willing. Time is flexible as of now, except for Saturday nights (11PM EST is when my player game starts) so we can work out a schedule. So let me know if anyone is interested, feel free to post here or PM me if you have any questions!

Hope to play with you soon,

I'm interested in joining you. I have a little bit of experience as a player, and have also tried my hand at DMing (4e) so I have some idea of the rules.

I'm in Europe though, which may limit the time schedule a tad. Around noon (EST) for start time works well matching up the time zones as that's around 6 PM (GMT+1). Weekends are preferrable, but weekdays can work with some tinkering and shorter sessions.

Hope to play with you soon as well,
I'm also in Europe and also interested. I have a fair amount of expereince with 4e in general, less with maptools and none with roll20 - but am interested in acquiring some
I'd be interested. I'm a brand new player and would like some help with the game. My skype name is jf.passamonte.
Hey I have agroup already we just need a DM if your interested email me at chaos_bman@hotmail.com we run through skype and we are EST time
Alright so there's three of you interested so far, and then another who already has a group? If I can find one or two more people interested, that will be a good group to get started with, otherwise I might take you up on the offer chaosbman. As for those of you who have some experience, would you mind letting me know how much and if you have run any published adventures before (So I don't repeat them), and for those of you who have no experience, I'd be more than happy to run a quick tutorial session and help you set up a character.
Hopefully you can DM for us we have been looking for someone for a bit mainly cause i didnt want to :P myself and 1 other are fairly versed in the game the others are new so should be exciting if you DM for us.
How many of you are there total, and what times do you think youll be wanting to play? Also, are you familiar with Roll20 at all (I can easily run a quick tutorial of both the program and the game if you'd like). 
There is 5 of us some of us have already picked class and race for our characters and for time that we would be playing would have to be 4:15pm on week days till 12:00am weekends would be 12:00pm till whenever and i think i know what it is but just incase run it by me cause everyone calls things diffrently i find.
Alright, if you're still up for it, I'd be happy to DM (Try to DM) for your group! Time-wise, I'm free pretty much at the same times as you listed, aside from what I mentioned in my earlier post. For starters how does Fridays from 7PM-11PM (Maybe end a bit earlier or later depending on how things go) sound as a start? As for Roll20, it's a virtual tabletop (Basically so we have a board and tokens to work with, as well as a place to simulate all the dice rolls). I've already created a session on there for whenver I get a group together, so I can PM you that link, and I will be creating an EpicWords campaign for the group as well so I can PM you that as well (Basically a place where everyone can keep track of EXP, loot, post their characters, and keep posted on session updates). Sound good?
Sounds great we generally comunicate through skype so if you want to do that or we can use the inside chat method for roll20 what ever you want to do but my skype is chaosbman my picture is me in a suit just add me im in a call right now with one of the guys in the group we look forward to playing with you.
Still got space?
If you are looking for two more my friend and I are looking for a group. We have been doing a two man game with me as a dm for a few months and as fun as it is it would be nice to have more pople in the group to play off of. I taught myself to play reading the books and then taught him. I'm Atlantic time and he is Central. Generally he needs it to be like after 6-7 central to make sure there are no interuptions but otherwise we are good.

We like to get into the RP side of it and take the story seriously, but we are pretty laid back if you want a bit less serious of a game as well.  
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