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Heart of Light

Well, I like the art.  Everything not so much.  Granted in limited this is kind of removal except the opponent can still block with it.  So it's ok there.  Otherwise it's a no everywhere else.

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There's better options, but its still nice to stick on something you want to try and keep on the table in some builds.


                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

Creates a Fog Bank for you if perhaps have a flying token floating about. Funny if placed on Kaalia if Commander damage isnt your bag and you want to more safely field beaters, though I prefer Spirit Mantle there.
For only 1 more mana you get Indestructibility

Overall, I think this is an OK card.  I can see use for it, but I doubt it would ever make the cut into one of my deck builds.
It was fine in its time, but now we get flying too.
I actually used heart of light and ghostly posession to decent effect in my exalted deck. Because you're only attacking with one creature and you should have 4+ exalters on the board, it doesn't hurt to slap one of these enchantments on them to make a solid blocker. And in a pinch it can be used to remove an opponents threats.


Bloody Fangs

Cruel Master

Life Unbound

Survival of the Fittest


The Indomitable Doran, the Siege Tower

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It was fine in its time, but now we get flying too.

Oddly, Possession is less versitile.  Either one turns a junk creature into a forever-blocker (though possession does it better), but HoL can get an enemy attacker out of the way without hurting your evasion-using offense.

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[C]Defang[/C] costs less and is standard. And you could kill the creature without harming yours.
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