How do I get my events sanctioned?

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Looking for some help and general direction!  

I'm a music teacher in NJ and I have been running a magic club once a week since June of 2012 and it has been very successful with a total of 36 players in its first year!  Anyway, I'm trying to find out the easiest way with minimal work, because I have a busy scheduel as a teacher, that I can get my events sanctioned for my players.  The only issue is that my players range from 9-18 years old.

If anyone has any advice or direction for the next step for this awesome start of a program; please reply.

lol... i think this forum is not that frequented, so 1 month later i answer that you should get to this link:

By the way, I'm courious about your events, can you describe them more in deatails? which formats you run etc...

I am a new magic player, I will appreciate if you correct me.

Ken - I'm just wondering whether you actually managed to get your school group sanctioned?


It's just that I work in a school in the UK, and have been running a small Magic group for students once a week, but WizardsUK have said we can't get sanctioned It would be interesting to find out whether the situation is any different on your side of the Pond, and if so why.


Any help/info would be greatly appreciated!



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