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I hope this is the appropriate forum for this.  

I have a tabletop DnD group that I've been playing with for several years. We get together most Wed nights to play. For the past 2 years I've been running a campaign using a program called MapTools to create the tactical maps. Because of the digital visualization of the game I am able to stream our sessions and have decided to do so.

The group is going to be starting a new adventure using their existing characters continuing an existing campaign. I have been jumping around story wise but have decided to follow the Scales of War adventure path. We have jumped into the middle of the adventure path at the Destroyer adventure and are now beginning The Temple Between adventure. Because of this I have changed some of the names of the major villians, cities, and NPCs but plan to stay mostly faithful to the campaign. The group is lvl 8 and consists of my Mom (Gail) playing Saphyre the Dragonborn Paladin, my Dad (Tom) playing Kat the Human Invoker, My sister (Jenn) playing Darah the Devah Cleric, and my brother in law (Mike) playing the Human Assassin.

Tonight I will be streaming some of the work that goes into creating the adventures and tomorrow if all goes well with the audio setup we will begin streaming the actual play sessions. When we play we get together at one location. All characters are on paper and all dice rolling is with real honest to goodness dice. I feel this is key to keeping the pen and paper vibe. I use maptools for exploration and combat it also allows me to easily track monster hp and initiative and brings in a neat element of fog of war, and line of sight.

My Twitch channel is I will try to post a message when I start streaming but if you follow the stream you will get an e-mail anytime I go live. I also play and plan on streaming other games like Blood Bowl and Left for Dead.

Streaming the introduction to the group now.

Done streaming for the night you can see the recording at:

Tomorrow I should be streaming the actual play session if everything goes well. We usually start sometime between 7:30 and 8:30pm EST so look for me to go live around then.

Streaming in 5 minutes
Very enjoyable to watch.
Thank you for the kind words.  I have placed the full recording on youtube incase you were not able to make the live stream.

I am thinking of adding a webcam so you can view the players so there is something to see during the more talky parts of the adventures.  I'm a little hesitant with the 2 kids and 3 dogs running around randomly. 

Episode 2 is now in the can and watchable on YouTube.

So far we've really been enjoying the experience and hope all the viewers are as well. Today I was given a job offer that I accepted that puts a large monkey wrench in our schedule. Tentatively we are planning on continuing on Saturdays going forward but feel free to keep an eye on my twitchs and twitters for more info as I will be updating those when I find out more.

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