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Hey guys,

I was wondering, I know there are a lot of alternative takes on criticals and fumbles out there, card decks, tables, simple miss and full damage.

I personally like using fumble rules (and have a table i use, that you can see on my site skaranrpg.weebly.com/critical-fumble-tab...), and we tend to use either a critical deck or a simple max damage rule.

We also use a three time instant death rule, which applies for players and foes, in that when you roll a critical, you roll to confirm. If you get a second nat 20, you roll again. If the third roll is a hit, you take that target straight to 0 hp.

This is a rare event, it has happened only two or three times in the time we've used it, (once on a PC), and always changes the drama of the game dramatically.

Personally I want to hear how you guys use criticals and fumbles to enhance the drama and mood of your setting, and to hear if you include magical and touch attacks in such things... Do you have a system for skill fumbles?

Just some idle thought, but let's see what it stirs up!


crits do max damage

fumbles are improvised base on the situation

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Personally, I don't like the idea of a super-master swordsman - trained beyond any of the (level 3-4 ish?) "masters" in the real world - accidentally hitting himself so badly, so I prefer simplifying critical fumbles to just "provoke an Attack of Opportunity." Does anybody else do that?

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that's a good call

I like to improvise fumbles and crits to tell the action in an engaging story to add rememboral actions to the combat

swings are often forgotten

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Crit hits do what the rules say they do. Natty 1s do what the rules say they do. We play to be heroes, not ****es who knock themselves out 5% of the time.

CSB: played at encounters with a crit/fumble deck. Rolled 1s on back to back turns and was stunned both times. At Fn Encounters. Fumble rules are retarded.

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