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I've been watching the product page for the last few weeks . . .

Expecting to see it up-dated with some new releases.

So, is that all we're going to see in the fall of 2013 ? ? ?

I was hoping for some re-printed books from previous editions. 

Even some edition neutral items would be good. Maps, miniatures, dice or fluff books.

( It would be a good time for fluff books with no crunch as all editions are in print right now! )

Anyone aware of extra items coming out that just have not been up-dated on the product page?

Thanks - 

Oathwin Oakheart

I've been waiting myself,  and holding off on some purchases of OOP material.  I'm thinking they're going to announce the fall releases at GenCon.  The only thing is though,  right now there's no august release
Yes, I'm also hoping for some news to come out at GenCon about new fall releases.

I just picked up the 3 E " Magic Item Compendium " . . .

But nothing from now until the end of the year that I'm interested in buying.

Fingers crossed for GenCon.

I'm in the same boat. I was hoping for more 2e reprints, as it's gotten the short end of the stick with these. But beyond the Sundering modules, they're really running thin.

Just roll some dice.



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I'm in the same boat. I was hoping for more 2e reprints, as it's gotten the short end of the stick with these. But beyond the Sundering modules, they're really running thin.

Hmmmmm- I'd say that 4th edition seems to have received the short end of the stick.  More so than 2nd edition with printed material in 2013.  
Well, on the up side . . .

I can start saving money for when they do start to print things I want.

From now to when ever that happens, it's just D & D - pfd's and Pathfinder hardcover books. 

My bank account will be happy.

hunterian7 - I see your point . . .

D & D 4 E did get shut down before it's time.

I enjoyed it just as much as all the other editions and would have like to see more books for it.

Hasbro / WotC may have damaged the D & D brand a little by dropping it so soon. 
Yeah, I'm sad to see the end of 4E. It has been my favourite edition so far. For my peronal play style, it provided a great set of rules. Of course, that's why I'll continue to play it well after "next" comes out and such. My existing books will still work!

I've seen some fan-made material for 4E. It isn't all great, but it is a start and some of it is really awesome. I'm just happy to see that there are others out there working on additional material for 4E. I have had some success adapting previous edition adventures to 4E. I use the previously printed stuff as a general outline for an adventure and then make a more "sandbox-y" adventure.


With GenCon 2013 over and no change to the release list . . .

It looks like we're not getting anything new added to the  printed product list.

I'm guessing the next release list up-date will come out in January 2014.

Any ideas / wishes for the new year?

I was hoping for a D & D : Rules Cyclopedia and a D & D 2 E : Tome of Magic.

Since both those older books got the P D F treatment, my hopes have been dashed.

Will we see more re-prints of older edition material. I'd say no . . .

I think it will be more " any edition " material, Like Murder in Baldur's Gate.

Let me know what you think and would like to see . . .


( On a side note, with no D & D books to buy. I picked up 13th Age. It's very good. )

I was really hoping to see some more AD&D reprints...

GDQ1-7 modules are short enough that they could easily be compiled into one hardback.

T1-4 would be a great update - especially with all of the grammatical errors from the original fixed.  Those two alone would have a nice place right next to the hardback S and A series on my shelf.

Not to mention the people who are still clamoring for a re-released Rules Cyclopedia.  I have one of the originals, but would be hard pressed to not buy a new one.  I think Wizards is missing out ... there's still a good market out there for reprints.  Not to mention the fact that since they've reprinted all the core books, they could have released the new Sundering books with AD&D rules or written new adventures like they did with A0.  Based on the current state of the OSR, I could see people snapping up "official" AD&D modules faster than you could count - especially if they took some time to get them right.  It's all about the 'feel' with the older stuff.

I'm thinking D&D Next will trickle with releases after the debut of the 3 core books. With such a skeleton crew on their books now it leaves one to wonder. WotC was bloated in 2008 with staff. Now, not soo much.
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