Looking for a Dungeon Master in Pasadena, CA

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I'm new to these boards and I'm hoping someone can help me out.  My friends and I have always wanted to play D&D but we are newbies who know nothing about playing.  We are hoping to find someone who could teach us how to play and act as our dungeon master.  We are a group of 4 friends ranging in age from 25-38 yrs old.  If this is something you would be in interested in please let me know and we can discuss compensation for your services.

I hope to be playing soon!

Mistress Beata
I would be interested. I have about sixteen years worth of DMing experience, and I usually run a game a week. I usually run Forgotten Realms, butI also have the books for Dark Sun in 4E, and I have a horror themed setting that's set in the Shadowfel of Forgotten Realms that I sometimes run too. My games tend to lean toward roleplaying over combat as well. Feel free to e-mail me at a_j_woodyard@yahoo.com. My name is Andy btw.

I have been DM'ing for well over 10 years and am looking for a group of players that really want to role play.  If you guys are still looking, I would love to play.

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