What was the name of Troll, (Hob)Goblin and Ghoul mixed Monster?

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What was the name of Troll Goblin Ghoul mixed Monster? It was mentioned in a dungeon or dragon magazine and I forgot his name. It was warrior slave of the goblin empire (I think it was in Eberron), but didn't work out today. Now some are still slaves to goblin tribes, some are free and joined orc tribes where they can live normal as strong warriors, a few follow a ghoul. In the magazine, some stats were posted. Do someone know what magazine it was or how this creature was named?

Posted it in the magazine discussion but am I not sure if this is a real magazine discussion.
I don't remember it being in any magazine but in L1 The Secret of Bone Hill they had Thouls and IIRC they were indeed a mixture of troll, hobgoblin and ghoul.  But that was in 1st edition AD&D.

EDIT:  Oh yeah, here he is ... Dragon 418.


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