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I want to get a group into DnD, and looking around for Toril maps, I did find some really excellent ones that seem to come from the same source. They are very high resolution and clean and easy to read with tons of detail for when we really get into it. The problem is they seem to be scattered across the internet and cut up into chunks. I've had trouble finding the original/originals and would love to know if anyone can point me towards the source, even if I have to do some stitching that's no problem. My current issue is that there seem to be some edited versions lying around and as a result they don't always fit together super well.
Here's one of the 'chunks' I was able to find: Very large image, which is why I'm not going to put it on the page.
I've dug around a bit on that wiki site but only found a couple others of the eastern part of Toril, and even those seem to cut off in some weird ways. Are there more? It'd be awesome to at least be able to stitch Faerun in there, though my ultimate goal would be to have all of Toril stitched together in one big highly detailed map.
If anyone has an alternative with a lot of detail that shows the entirety of Toril Or neatly seperates each region out into maps that would be pretty cool as well.
Go to google images.  Type +"toril"  You will get an entire map of toril, before and after parts of Abeir merged with Toril.

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