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pernicious deed, birthing pod, grave pact, life from the loam
you might also want to run something like elixir of immortality to protect against things like crypt incursion which are fairly popular at least in my play group. 

Buried Alive, Skirge Familiar & Pack Rat (cuz I love free Discarding effects to get those creatures you dont really want to cast out of your hand and they are actually somewhat useful abilities) and Survival of the Fittest and Genesis are auto-includes for almost all of my green decks and fit particularly well here (Discard one of the fattie creatures you just want to use for scavenge that you drew to find Genesis, then do it again discarding Genesis to find something else you either want to discard to scavenge or actually cast, also works well with the other Incarnations like Brawn and Filth which could also fit to help get general damage through).

Skullbriar, the Walking Grave also fits to have something to move the counters to to make sure they stay around and could be an alternate general

Kalonian Hydra & Primordial Hydra lolololololololol

Forgotten Ancient & Cytoplast Rootkin for Counter Movement and Hyjinks with the Corpsejack Menace

One thing to consider is that +1/+1 counters counteract -1/-1 counters so board removal like Black Sun's Zenith & Midnight Banshee can be one sided and make Cauldron of Souls busted in your deck.

Just some thoughts.

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I am White/Green
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Some board wipe might help.  Gaze of Granite is Pernicious Deed at Sorcery speed, or Plague Boiler might work with the Proliferate/Doubling Season you use.

Contagion Clasp is a cheap Proliferator.  Plaguemaw Beast also goes along well with your Sacrifice a Creature theme.

Some of your creatures seem a little weak for Commander purposes that may not help you during the late game.  Drinker of Sorrow, Hidden Horror, etc.

Creatures that sacrifice themself for benefits could always help too.  I'm a huge fan of Diligent Farmhand in my Jarad/Savra/Sisters of Stone Death EDH.
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I am Red/Green
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