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I made this boss for my homebrew campign placed in my own world, the containt of Nysardi. This boss is a weakened form of the immortal queen of the Feywild, she gets bored sometimes and like to spend time by sueling mortals. She has developed some unique powers over her life course. She should not be deployed alone if your players can swarm her. Two or three monsters with defender abilites will make the most of her.

Isleana - Queen of the Fey  Lv. 3 Elite Controller

HP- 84  Bloodied: 42

AC-  16   FORT-  16  REFLEX-  17 WILL- 18

Movement: 7    Initiative: +5        Saving Throws: +2   Action Points: 1


STR: 11 (+0)

CON: 14 (+2)

DEX: 14 (+2)

WIS: 17 (+3)

CHA: 14 (+2)

INT: 11 (+0)



Create Flowers: Minor Action Close Burst 10 – creates a square of flowers (normal terrain) within 10 spaces of you. This action can be done twice a round and is immediately taken at the beginning of the encounter before any character makes a move once. Flower squares can be destroyed by fire attacks of any kind.

Ancient Knowledge: Uses years of experience to gain an upper hand. Allows one action to be performed at the top of the initiative list each round outside the normal turn actions. Flowers summoned in this way count towards the two per round. 

Scatter Petals: Free action – primes the petals to be used in attacks and powers by destroying the flower squares within 10 spaces of you and gathering them to you. These count as petal charges and you can normally only have 4 readied in this way


Floral Dance – Ranged 10 – +11 vs. AC deals 1d4 +1 damage per readied charge (max of 4).  

Petal Explosion (Energy)- Burst 1 from a flower square. Attacks all foes in Burst +8 vs. Reflex – 1d6+ 5 damage. The flower square is then spent and vanishes  

Flower Blade – Melee 1: Counts as a melee basic attack. +11 vs. Ac – 1d4+1 damage per charge (max of 4)

Rechargeable: roll one D6 and recharge all abilities that can be recharged by the result

Petal Shield - requires at least one charge of petals to activate. Trigger; You or an ally within 5 squares is attacked against one of their defenses. Add 2 to that defense until the start of your next turn. (Recharges on a 1, 3, or 5 roll of a D6). The used charge of flowers is spent after the effect of this power ends.

Floral Dance Twister(Energy): Requires 2 petal charges, Recharge – 2 or 6 – Ranged 10 – One target. +10 vs. Reflex- 1d10+5 energy damage and the foe is stunned (save ends). Makes a secondary attack one all foes in the burst of the target: +7 vs. AC – 1d4 +1 damage. The two charges used vanish after the attack is resolved. 

Fauna Imprisonment (energy): Recharge – 3 or 5. For each charge you can cast the prison on another square near the origin (max of four). Make this attack against each target: +10 vs. Will. If the target is hit, they are trapped. If the attack misses, the square is not included in the prison. The target is trapped inside the prison until they either dispel it with an arcana check (3 successes) or the imprisoned jumps out of the prison, requires an Athletics check of 15 to make the jump. The imprisoned cannot attack or use any of their powers unless the target is above them.        


Spring-Fey Flower Garden: Turns the entire Burst 10 into flower squares (Difficult Terrain) until the end of your next turn. You can do one of two things with these flowers.

  • Cause them all to explode, hitting all creatures inside the area and Burst three outside it. All affected creatures (except you) are attacked by +6 vs. Reflex: 1d6+6 damage and are stunned until the end of your next turn. Also the squares inside the blast can no longer become flower squares 

  • Prime the petals and summon them to you to unleash an massive attack on a single foe. This power is called Floral Dance Cyclone(Energy): Hits one foe within 15 spaces. +10 vs. Refllex, 2d6+6 damage and the foe are stunned until the end of the encounter. A heal check of 25 allows another character to end this effect however. The foe can also only move in a straight line, following the trail of the cyclone to the Fey Queen (save ends). If they reach the Fey Queen’s side, they are dominated until attacked by an ally. The queens allies ignore the character and allow them to approach the Queen.  


 Nature: +8

 Aracana: +5

Bluff: +7

 Diplomacy: +7

Equipment: Fey Leather Armor

Looks interesing.  My only comment at this time would be the attacks that depend on charges.  The damage is low with 1 charge, ok with 2 and high with anything more than that.  Thus, the effectiveness is very dependend on the ability to gather charges.  You can only use on free action per turn now so any stuns or dazes will really cripple this foe.
Which is why i suggested teaming her up with some defender monsters, maybe elfs or other fey creatures. All bosses must have a weakness, and hers is that when the players finally make it close to her, she can be taken out. Before that... well i have played this character and i know just how punishing she cna be to heroes. If things get really bad, just perform Springtime Flower Garden and blow the threats up or dominate a PC for some defense. This version of her is supposed to be tough but not unbeatable. In her fully awakened state, that would have to be dealt with.
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