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The cult leader has an ability that says, "the target cannot use attack powers...".

How are people interpreting this (the Rules Compendium doesn't help)? Are Basic Atacks "attack powers"? What about stances?

I would interpret this as any action that requires an attack roll. This would include most at-will, encounter, and daily powers. If the action does not require an attack roll it would still be allowed.

The power would essentially force anyone subject to this condition to contribute by some means other than attacking. Remind PCs that they can aid another or make Heal checks on fallen allies if they find themselves unable to attack on their turn. I'd also rule that they can provide a flanking bonus, after all they're not dazed.

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I'm not sure if that's going to cover all attack powers though, especially using Next rules.
Remember, Magic Missile is an auto hit. Also, there are lots of spells that depend on the target making a saving throw to determine if, or how much they are affected.
I would amend it to say "The target cannot use attack powers that target the Cult Leader, until the end of the
leader's next turn." that way players can either take non-attack action to aid allies or choose to engage a different foe - working in a similar effect to the old "Sanctuary" spell for clerics (opponents dont attack you, and you can take non-attack actions).

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