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The Warlord power 'Knight's Move" indicates that an ally of your choice gets to take a move action as a free action.  It does not indicate if opportunity attacks are still in play.

Is there a general rule anywhere that indicates if movement as a result of a power can still provoke opportunity attacks?  

Or does the fact that it does not specify indicate that opportunity attacks are still possible?

Nothing says the movement doesn't provoke, so it does.  What would make you think it wouldn't?

There's a general rule that says moving without shifting provokes.  This is moving without shifting (well, unless you use the granted move action to shift, but anyway), so it provokes.
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I kind of figured. Since it is an Encounter Power, it just seemed like it would be better if it allowed the ally to disengage from one enemy and move to another enemy without provoking. As written you really cannot use it if your allies are engaged.

I mean you could, but you have to weigh if the opportunity attack you provoke is worth the move that you would get.

I just figured I would confirm.

it's a pretty versatile power, granting a move action instead of only allowing them to move their speed or something

standing up is a move action, shifting into a flank, shifting to set up a charge on their turn, you only need to find one smart use per encounter for it to be useful
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Also it is a Move action. Which can be downgraded to a Minor action. If you happen to have an ally who struggles with action economy or who has a bunch of Minor action attacks.... well.
Knight's Move can become:
- Curse for a warlock
- Quarry for a hunter
- Oath for an avenger
- Mark for swordmage/battlemind
- Low Slash/Tumble/Snapshot for a rogue 
Knight's Move can become an off-turn climb or jump, as well as a heal for an ally if you are on a team with another leader and you are our of inspiring words....

Knight's Move can allow a Shaman to summon their Spirit Companion if it was destroyed or dismissed previously (without a stipulation that it cannot be resummoned.)

Knight's Move can allow a Druid to wild shape, assuming they have not used Wild Shape this round.

Knight's Move can allow a Warlock with that U10 power to teleport, instead of moving.

Knight's Move can allow a grabbed ally to try to escape that grab.

Knight's Move can allow another Warlord to use Knight's Move on an ally who is outside of your usage range for Knight's Move.  ;)    
Its main use is to give the striker and additional attack in the first round whilst getting around the free-action per turn limit.
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