People of Note

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Below is a list of some of the people that party members may know of.  

Black Tom - Black Tom is a Fixer that deals mostly in small arms, ammunition, and weapon enhancements.  He typically dresses very grungy, though over video chat he seems to appear a bit cleaner.

Cortana - Netrunner.  Designed a skintight jumpsuit, and her appearance, to resemble an A.I. character from a popular video game of the early 2000's

Ratchet - Techie.  Likes to work mostly on maintenance and repairs of vehicles and large machinery.  He has his own workshop where he does personal jobs, but also wprks in the Trauma Team Maintenance shop a couple days a week.

Cowboy - Solo.  Usually dresses in "old west" style duster, jeans, and stetson.  Often is seen with a pair of six-shooters strapped to his hips.  If the pay is right, he is often available for hire.

Chains - Solo.  Might fit your classical "biker gang" look; black leather jackets, chains placed in various locations, visible tattoos..  except for the pink motorcyle helmet that he wears, adorned with little kittens.  People have learned not to make fun of the helmet, since those who do usually end up with broken bones or noses.  But when not around, people sometimes refer to him as La Gatita Rosita (The pink kitten)

Ishmael - Unknown Role.  Not much is known of this man.  Was seen wearing a leather bomber jacket and sunglasses inside the Night Owl.  Approached the group, seemed to imply knowing a female netrunner of mutual acquaintance with Kiev, said he had plans for sale, $5,000 that could repurpose nanites to deconstruct and reconstruct objects.  "she" will know how to get ahold of him.
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