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Hey guys
This may seem as a strange request (and I hope I'm at the right place (subforum)), but I'm trying to set up a mercenary company to help me in the game. I'm actually looking for a cool logo for the company (Something with a sandman..), but I have no idea where to look, if you guys could help me out, that would be great. (I know there are some great photoshoppers on here, looking at the 'how does my character looks like thread') 

I'm not even settled on the name yet, I know "sandman" has to be in there, somewhere, but I'm still looking for a cool name, all help is welcome guys

Am I at the wrong section of the forum here?
Or people don't have a clue what to answer? Undecided 

Thoughts are still welcome! 
What is your definition of a sandman? Are they humans who have adapted to the desert, or elementals composed of wind and grit?

If your going for a medieval themed mercenary group, I can tell you that most mercenaries carried blank shields that were entirely black (this is actually the root of the word blackguard). 

However, if you want something fresher, most medieval houses had a coat of arms where each symbol had meaning. There are many wedsites that give a quick breakdown of the various elements, I have included one here (

Alternatively, if you want something a little more off beat, you could quickly design your own heraldry system based upon D&D elements, for instance, snakes for the worship of Zehir, colors based off of the chromatic and metalic dragons so red corresponds to pride, green to subtlety, copper to mirth etc. or what ever you feel is appropriate.

You might also consider adding a motto, probably in one of the languages other than Common. If there is a language that is both old and fluency in it is considered a sign of erudition (such as Latin in the real world) I would suggest using that.

For the actual name, if the word "sandman/men"  refers more to a social group (such as a clan name), why not just call them The Sandmen? 
Alternatively, you could try mixing words like Royal, Company, and a sufficiently forboding colour around (such as ebon or crimson)  until you get something you like?


Hey Eric,

I'm glad you replied! ^^
My definition of a sandman is basically the spider-man version or the conan the barbarian version (2011 version of the movie). So that's a human/elemental.

I'm indeed going for a medieval themed mercenary group (it's d&d after all :p). Blank shields that were entirely black... Reminds me a bit of the 'Black Company' book by Glenn Cook. Entirely black shields isn't really what I'm looking for, I'm looking for something with a logo/sign on.

I'll check that website out in a minute, thanks!

The Sandmen... yea perhaps. It's basically because I wanna play d&d with my girlfriend (to teach her) and later try to include my brother that I want to set up a mercenary company, to fill in the other classes, so the group is a little more balanced.
I already tried mixing those words, along with a couple of others (such as warlord for example), but so far I haven't found anything that's a 100% my taste.

Thanks for the help! 

Have you looked at Genasi ( SandSoul Variant (Dragon Mag 396) and you can turn yourself into sand as encounter power. Might help.
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