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Ofcorse we would need a DM and im sure a flood of newbies will flood in aswell.. I think in order for this game to grow it needs a few elders to pop outta the woodwork and to help with such newbies.. i hope From the experianced gained that i could do the same and help online goers learn aswell.. Im based in the US  in the eastern time zone.. I hope to bring quite an exciteing persona to play for me to lose myself in.. Im very creative and resourcefull (and i can get dice easily)  Can anybody heelp??

If you can find a DM i would love to play! 

Same.  I would be interested as well depending on when it is scheduled for.  Almost no 4e experience but I have a lot of the books and i am familiar with the system.  I have lots of experience with 2e, 3e and 3.5 as well as a number of other RPGs.  Me and my wife had set up a game recently, but due to lack of time on our parts, we could not do the DM thing.  However either just me (or maybe both of us) might have the time to play, depending on the time/day it is scheduled for.


If we can get a DM, please let me know.  I am up for it.


I am also interested in joining your group. I live in EST aswell. I prefer Fri/weekend sessions, but I am open to weekday evenings if needed. I am a 26 yr old mature player looking for a consistent DnD 4e group. I have access to I haven't played in years, but looking to start up again (played 3.5 with friends back in highschool). I have 4e and 3.5 PDF's.

I would like to play a fighter, but I can be flexible. Here is a sample sheet that I developed: background/ ect. can be adjusted to DM's story as needed.


Let me know what you think.





Hey there, I too am a noobie, nad would love to join once a DM appears. Feel free to om me.

PizzaWarrior wrote:

Hey there, I too am a noobie, nad would love to join once a DM appears. Feel free to om me.


I'm interested in playing as well.  I'll keep my eyes out for a DM...

I would love to play! I have some experience with 4e and maptools but still getting used to both systems. i havea forgotten ealms paladin i am rolling up but can change to whatever the part needs. I am in the Pacific timezone and am free weekday nights after 3 my time and sunday evenings after 3 also

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