Murder in Baldurs Gate - Next or 4e?

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I was not able to find ANY info if this is for D&D Next or 4e - is Next even out yet?
I know that a preliminary version of Next will be released at GEN CON Indy, with the module, Ghosts of DragonSpear Castle.  It is possible that Murder in Baldur's Gate will use Next, too, and I think this is the most likely possibility, though it will only use a preliminary version of the game, too.  The novels referred to, "The Sundering", are supposed to lead into 5th edition, too (for the Forgotten Realms), and as this is Sundering Adventure I it is probably a 5th edition module but it could also be a 4th edition.
thank you for the insight, I still find it very weird that this information is not listed on WotC's own product page
The Sundering Adventure Murder in Baldur's Gate will be playable using downloadable monsters stats for 3.5, 4E and D&D Next.
thank you
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