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Inspiration for this idea comes from Mortal Kombat, Game of Thrones, and Highlander. I'm having trouble coming up with a mechanical system to go along with it.

The Emperor, Gareth, has declared a magnificent prize which includes Immortality and divine powers beyond imagining. He has even hinted that he may wipe out the winner's enemies in the end of the contest. This contest, which lasts for an indefinate time period, but has been said to last at least a few years, will involve tons of Imperial intrigue between Noble Houses, dueling, and wars. There are different positions that one can have to compete.

Nobles (Nobles tend to have the most loyal servants, and are either very proficient in combat or magic)
Clerics (Healing magic, and religious powers are the caveat of Clerics. However their true power comes from the leeway they have in currying the Emperor's favor/and alleviation of guilt from breaking certain laws).
Royal Family : (Yes, the Emperor is not above wiping out his own children and/or wife for the fun of watching the contest. The Royal Family are already demigods.)
Commoners : Those without noble lineage, a position in the Emperor's Court, or a Royal. Commoners are closer to the Druidic faith of the world. Thus, Shamans and Druids will most likely be Commoners.

Character Sheet:
Description: (Powers and abilities, as well as personality and goals go here)