Explanation of Inherent Bonuses and Masterwork Armor

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Hi everyone,

My DM is going to be running a very low magic world.  We are starting at level 9 and are not starting with any magic items.  He is allowing inherent bonuses to make up of that.

I made a warlord and have the armored warlord feat for scale proficiency.  With regular scale and a light shield on my AC is 24.  With a level 6 Drakescale Magic Armor +2 and the light shield, my AC is 25.  

It seems like inherent bonuses aren't quite keeping up with the expected math of the game.  Am I incorrect?  My guess is that the extra bonus from the masterwork armor is missing from inherent bonuses.  

Does anyone have a breakdown of exactly how much the inherent bonuses are worth and whether or not they keep up with masterwork armor?

You still need masterwork armour, even with inherent bonuses.
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Ok cool.  How do you get it on the builder?  I thought the only way the builder gives it is with a magical suit of armor.
It looks like you have to search for the base types of masterwork armor appropriate for the level. So at level 9, you would pick Drakescale or Scorpion Scale armor.  At levels 11-15 you would want Wyvernscale armor, etc. 
The CB adds the masterwork bonus to base armor based on the enchantment, not based on the character level, which is why just picking Scale Armor doesn't work.
  Later you can choose between the masterwork armor that purely boosts AC, or the one that boosts Fortitude instead of AC  (ex: Elderscale vs Dragonscale.  If you had +6 Scale armor, it uses the Elderscale numbers in the CB).
Is there a way to do this on the builder though?  In the marketplace I've selected Armor, Scale as the category.  There is no option to buy Drake scale that I can find other than buying a magical set of armor.
Instead of the Marketplace, click on the Find Equipment tab and just type in "Scale" in the search box.  All of the masterwork types without any enchantments will be listed at the top, in what appears to be random order.
That worked.  I had no idea the find equipment tab was even there.  Thanks!