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There is a wizard in my group that is using mage hand to gain combat advantage almost indefinitely.  Is this legit at lvl 1?  Something about  a feat that allows conjurations of his to grant CA and mage hand does say conjuration.  Seems busted good to me. 
It's been discussed before, it only takes one feat to work, Tome Expertise, so it would function at level 1. The tradeoff is the range 5 on Mage Hand forcing the wizard to stay close to the action since the conjuration will end if it is more than 5 squares from the wizard at the end of his turn.
Ah, thats the draw back that I missed.  Makes more sense.  Does it also grant other party members CA or just the wizard?
"enemies adjacent to your conjurations /.../ grant combat advantage." So they grant CA to the wizard, the wizard's allies, other enemies (if forced to attack each other), any third party creature, et cetera.

The Mage Hand trick is strong, but it costs a lot of minor actions to keep it running. One Daze at the wrong time and all that CA disappears.
Thanks guys. 
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