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If this is in the wrong place I apologize but I could not find anywhere to submit suggestions. I'm sure this has been submitted before, but if not, here you go.

I am relatively new to D&D. I have played a bit over the last two years and recently tried my hand at DMing and found it quite enjoyable. I would like to suggest making an iOS app for DMing and playing in general that much easier. I am trying to get a few friends into D&D and they, as I did, find constantly shuffling papers around and trying to figure out what dice were used in which attacks very distracting and takes away from the overall experience of the game, taking time away from imagination and storytelling in doing math and keeping everything organized. As a player who does not have Internet access, without access to funds for the countless books available, I think an iOS app that could give players access to all that is available on the DDI subscription through a smart phone.

I envision a program that is basically everything a DM or player could need. The character builder is currently only available in silverlight so there is no way to access it via an iPhone, same with the monster builder/database and I believe the rules compendium as well. There is an app called Gamer's Toolkit that is a fantastic character sheet replacement, with a few bugs here and there, like your skill modifiers are not scaled to your character's level. Another called Dice & Dragons is a superb dice rolling app, complete with customizable dice rolls for easy adding on hit and damage rolls. There are a plethora of decent initiative trackers, but none I would use comfortably week to week.

If WotC could make an iOS app that could utilize the character builder, the monster builder/database, and possibly buy the rights of use of Dice & Dragons, and create an easily editable (HP, statuses, etc) character sheet for player characters and monsters, and a decent initiative tracker for seamless DM use, all in one app, personally, I would be willing to spend money on this app. Of course, I would assume it would require a DDI subscription for use.

Overall, I think it would just make the game experience that much easier and organized and not only would it add to the gameplay, without having to sacrifice anything.

Curious as to what other gamers think of the idea.

A new gamer and a fresh mind