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Artifact - Equipment (U)
Equipped creature has double strike.

Cool beans.

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Powerful limited equipment for sure.
Artifact - Equipment (U)
Equipped creature has double strike.

Cool beans.

They won't be cool when Fireshrieker gets done with them.

Stop the H4TE

Fireshrieker in standard is cool. I wanna try it on Aurelia or Mirko Vosk.
Awesome reprint!  I love Fireshrieker.
Wow, wasn't sure if this would ever be reprinted. Extremely powerful. Love it.
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On Tolarian Time Bubbles
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I'd hate to accidentally walk partially into one.
Random Tolarian wizard's last words. ;)
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This is worth playing alongside the Swords. You get double benefits from each one. Play them all with Stoneforge Mystic, Puresteel Paladin, Leonin Shikari, and Steelshaper's Gift.

first strike with bonuses

president obombya speaks anger prejudice and a time for US foreign air strike while the US worries about its rights

Let 'em burn [Frozen Parody]
the beat stick is back for more lovin'!

                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

This is entirely unexpected. But definitely welcomed.


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Wow, really? How'd I miss this? This will be potentially devastating in some decks. Makes artifacts worth playing again. Double strike shenanigans now possible without splashing white in standard.
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Moriok Rigger does absolutely nothing to boost other riggers. You are incorrect.
Moriok Rigger is not a Rigger in print. Only in Errata WHAT NOW! (yes, I did put that phrase in for that exact reason)
Congratulations, they have activated your trap card!

Cyclops would rather have Armed // Dangerous  or Boros Charm  anyway.  
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I'm not sure what this flavour is. Does it shriek fire at your opponents? How does that equate to double strike? Does it just let you move at incredibly fast speeds? I just don't understand.

Stop the H4TE

Its a flamethrower and a club. The fire hits them, then the metal hits them.