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For the first time ever, I'm a PC in a campaign instead of a DM for it. I'm very excited but very inexperienced. I know little or nothing about the different types of races, let alone the classes, and this is making it difficult for me to choose something that I'd like!

The class role doesn't matter much to me, nor is raw power (though I'd like to be competent). What I'm more concerned with is picking a class with a great deal of options and active abilities. I would like to avoid a class that has one "best" ability that I'll spam forever or is mostly passive, offering flat buffs/debuffs without doing things. It's also a perk if the class has abilities that have multiple uses or can be used creatively.

Could you guys recommend a class to me with those things in mind?

I apologize if this question is in the wrong forum! 

I am assuming you are playing 4e? Personally, I enjoy hybrid classes quite a bit, as they let you build unique classes with lots of options. You also might enjoy using classes that summon other creatures, or taking a theme that allows you companion creatures, etc, as this can really add to the wide variety of abilities that it sounds like you crave.

There are tons of great choices that all offer their own rewards, so in a sense there are no really bad choices. If I had to suggest some hybrid combos, try a Swordmage/Psion, Shaman/Invoker, Binder/Paladin, or Fighter/Warlord; there are tons of other options, but these have a lot of versatility. If you just want a single class that feels really versatile in and out of combat, try a Bladesinger or other Wizard variant, the various Druid builds, Executioner (I love the Ninja), or Skald. As for themes, consider Fey Beast Tamer to gain a companion creature or perhaps Alchemist to add some other extra options.

Have fun!

Part of the reason that Shielding Swordmage is my favorite class is simply because I get to do so many different things. Unlike most defenders, the swordmage actually works best by staying away from its mark. The only power I use repeatedly is the Aegis of Shielding itself. After marking the encounter's big bad, I run off and focus on wiping out his underlings (while staying ithin 50 feet or I can't use my Aegis).

Some of my powers are controllery, others are close bursts for clearing out minions, and some just lay down the smack. As I said, the only thing I do repeatedly is penalize the big bad's damage once a turn and all of his attacks by 2. Otherwise I'm doing different things all of the time.


My other two favorite classes could work, but they both fail one of your requirements:

If you didn't want to specifically avoid classes that spam the same attack I'd recommend Knight. What knights do best is attack several times a turn, doing fun things with each attack thanks to their stances. The Eladrin Knight is even more fun because it teleport before attacking and then teleport again on a hit.

The last of my three favorite classes, runepriest, is one of the most varied in the game, but you want a class with lots of support, and runepriest barely has any at all.


I'll also second frothsof's suggestion of hybrids – especially since my aforementioned swordmage was rebuilt as a hybrid swordmage/invoker after devoting herself to Pelor.

Bladesinger is another good choice. My wife may be along in a moment with details since it's one of her favorite classes.

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Wizard is probably the most overall versatile class in the game. Bard is another one that can go in many directions and cover a lot of ground. Cleric can be pretty versatile, as can Druid. Fighter really isn't bad, though clearly it has a major focus. Honestly with 4e its hard to say ANY class is REALLY narrow. Outside of combat you always have a good variety of things you can work into a character. Just experiment. Remember, most things can be retrained, and even if something can't your DM will probably let you alter the character if you make a choice you don't like.
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A Dragonborn Barbarian/Sorcerer is mildly powerful, has good AC in Heroic and is versatile as it has melee and ranged attacks available. It is a fun character with many roleplay options. You can play it as a solemn, strong type or a rage-riddled berserker.

An Avenger/Psion is a unique combonation and again has ranged and melee options. You can also make a character that is a forced movement specialist in heroic. Forced movement is a great tool that can be used for a variety of purposes in battle.

Another character that could work is a Wizard/Shaman. Between the wizards power selection and the spirit companion, you will always have something to do. For more ridiculousness, consider multiclassing Invoker for even more options. This would not be an easy character to play, but you would never cease to have options.

I wish you well in your search.


I have a Wizard/Lazy Shaman and it is indeed fun as hell.
I believe I'll be going illusionist wizard! I just got a month's D&D Insider but for some reason it isn't showing up yet so I can't access the character builer. Bummer.

 It always takes at least 24 hours for the DDI to kick in...


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