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I've been in the process of making a blue/black mill deck.  I've came across some good cards but i need some help in making it better.

island 15
swamp 10
terramorphic Expanse 2
shimmering grotto  1
drowner initiate  4
dreamborn muse 3
hedron crab 3
guiltfeeder 2
wall of frost 2
nemesis of reason 2
echo mage 2
guard gomazoa 2
elixir of immortality 2
tome scour 3
mind funeral 3
jace's ingenuity 2
archive trap 2
jace's erasure 2
propaganda 2

As you can see, this deck is a huge mess.  If you have any suggestions of what to take out and what to put in, that be great.  And i really like guiltfeeder mainly because by the time he comes out, i should be able to finish them off.
I'm seeing several interesting ideas here, but ultimately little synergy and lots of card disadvantage for the sake of mill. Jace's Erasure and Tome Scour, right away, give you very little milling. They're cheap mana-wise, but the fact is that they also cost the card they're printed on. You aren't exactly flush with card draw, so it's tough to justify using up your cards for no immediate effect and relatively small long-term effect. Jace's Erasure could be made better by running more draw, though. A 1-sided effect like Phyrexian Arena or a global effect like Howling Mine could improve it significantly, though it would still be weak. Archive Trap and Mind Funeral have the same issue, but the power of their effects offsets it.

Similarly, Dreamborn Muse won't have much to do so long as you don't have a method of refilling your opponent's hand.

Guiltfeeder is an interesting alternate win-con, but he's been outclassed by more recent creatures. Jace's Phantasm and Wight of Precinct Six are dirt cheap with similar abilities, and they're both also much better on defense.

I'm counting 64 cards total and 28 lands. Both counts are high. I'd cut either three lands and one spell or four lands. I'm usually not a fan of Terramorphic Expanse, but it's quite good with Hedron Crab. I see no compelling reason to keep Shimmering Grotto, though.  

Drowner Initiate seems very weak. Note that this is a triggered ability, not an activated ability, so you can only use it once per blue spell. That said, it's a 1-drop, and you get what you pay for, so it might make the final cut.

Thought Scour would be a solid addition. The milling isn't significant, but the cheap cost and card draw make it much better than Tome Scour. Since the spell "replaces" itself, it's basically a free 2-card mill plus a deck-thinning effect. 

Jace, Memory Adept would be a sweet card advantage machine/win condition here.  

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Fog Bank would be more effecive and cheaper than your guard

Would be nice for discard in conjunction with what youve got going on here.

I also enjoy Belltower SphinxGlimpse the Unthinkable and Followed Footsteps so you keep up on your blockers while you mill em out
I revised the list but now i got too many cards.  i would like to take out any uneccessary cards that are not needed and throw in cards that would make it better.  i have no budget and there is no restrictions.

island 10
swamp 10
Terramorphic Expanse 5

Hedron Crab 4
Jace's Phantasm 4
Wight of Precinct Six 4
wall of frost 4
Jace, Memory Adept 2
fog bank 4
Consuming Aberration 4
painter's servant 4

Elixir of Immortality 2
tome scour 4
mind funeral 4
Propaganda 4
Glimpse the Unthinkable 4
Keening Stone 4
mind sculpt 4
id say drop grindstone and painters servant...

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