D&D encounters - Search for the diamond staff - guns don't kill people, gas clouds do

It's the encounter where you start off in a cave and the enemy includes a wizard who casts stinking gas cloud. Which kind of either keeps you out of the fight or struggling to get to the gaps around the cloud to stay in the fight.

We had two tables playing - on the second (sans any cleric), two PC's died. One due to taking damage while unconcious AND THEN rolling a 1 on a save. The other simply failed three times eventually and died. I'm not sure if they were aware of healers kits - I wasn't on that table. They did eventually win the fight though.

I thought it was interesting - on our table we had a couple of dwarves, but still one got dropped to zero from the enemies melee, as did the cleric at one point (oh oh!)

It seems an interesting way to have genuinely dangerous fights, but without having to do so (for example, a DM who wants less dangerous fights could have the fight outdoors, which leaves alot more room to escape the cloud)

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Yeah even without a cleric, it should be hard to die since anyone with a hrealer's kit can automatically revive a dying PC as an action.

Threy probably didn't know that though.
Running in and taking 6d6/save for half to give a buddy 1 hp seems like a bad trade off.  The unlucky 1 was the difference here.

Stinking Cloud is currently way better than Fireball - same damage, ongoing for area denial.  My party would have TPK'd if they hadn't been mostly dwarves.

It's like an elf party versus ghouls.    
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