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I've been chatting with book and hobby suppliers in New Zealand and it seems that the Players handbook for 4E is nolonger available unless you want the expensive premium edition and it some cases that is not available. Amazon and other online stores still seem to have access to the books, so they are not all gone yet. Has anyone else noticed the lack of player handbooks in there stores?

I find it amusing and frustrating that as I try to encourage interest in D&D Encounters in a local game store, the key book will not be available for purchase. With WotC re-printing all the older core books are we likely to see a re-print of the players handbook for 4E?
WotC seems to be doing everything within their power to kill and bury 4e. In most of the articles being published 4e is often not mentioned explicetly even when other editions are. The 4e books are (as far as I can tell) all out of print already, even though next isn't on shelves. And with the premium reprints WotC seems to be desperately trying to advertise their affiliation with the older editions of D&D, probably to appeal to the 4e haters.

If I were you I'd order every 4e book you really want on Amazon while you can still find them there.
I live in Dunedin NZ and I have X2 PHB and the DMG and MM I would consider selling. They are in near mint condition barely used. 

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it seems that the Players handbook for 4E is nolonger available

4e books are currently out of print. However, the 4e PHB itself has been out of print for an even longer time. It was replaced by the 4e rules compendium (and your choice either Heroes of the Fallen Lands or Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms... or better yet: the online character generator).

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