2013 Community!!! Add your XBL Gtag!";)

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Simple! If you want to play the leagues better Duels 2013
add your XBL Gtag.
Lets make an 2013 community till 2015 duels goes public!

I'll start: S KILL GR

Duels 2013                                                      Duels 2014

GOD TIER...";(
"Dpad Fighter Forever"


Not much interest i guess from the community.

Oh well. time to move on i guess and enjoy the game
by myself...

Duels2013                                                        Duels 2014

GOD TIER...";(
"Dpad Fighter Forever"


Maybe its pointless but since Duels 2014 release it destroyed both
2013 and 2014 community.
Not as many as before are playing 2013 and neither nearly as many are
playing 2014.
Both games are in decline. So if anyone is interested in playing 2013 add
your XBL gtag so we can arrange games!


Duels2013                                                          Duels2014

GOD TIER...";(
"Dpad Fighter Forever"


If you are looking to join a community on the Xbox for Duels of the Planswalker please check out this thread: community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...

I am sure you can make friends there who play Duel 2013 too.



Duels2013:king                                                           Duels2014

GOD TIER...";(
"Dpad Fighter Forever"


I still play 2013. Not because I prefer it. I have no idea which is better deck/gameplay wise. I have been too stubborn to purchase 2014 as of yet.

JoAnneIsStupid- Is my Tag.
I honestly can't tell if you have downs.
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