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Hey guys, looking to become a bit more of an active member to these forums...

In an effort for some feedback, I am creating my own homebrew campaign, currently using the 4th edition D&D ruleset.

I have created a website with some articles, including eventually new races, maps, classes and more.

If you would like to check it out please go to skaranrpg.weebly.com/index.html.

All honest feedback, good and bad welcome.

Thanks in advance.   
Sorry to hear about your loss. My condolences.

 I hope this helps you.

 What initial adventure would you use as a starting point.Will it be more open-ended or plot based? I went to the link and checked it out. Like the

map and the details. You have the makings for a good game. Most players would want to add their own take on the characters' backstory.Otherwise

it feels scripted.

  As to the start: A shipwreck is discovered along the coast. How long it's been there and it's origins are unknown. It is laden with gold and riches

 discovered by faithful followers of Askan who report their find to the Bretheren. This windfall may be the catalyst needed to return this refugee race

 to their former glory. There is also a scroll that mentions the Khuzud. Cool

  You could spin this anyway you want.A party is dispatched to deliver this message to a Bretheren outpost or church,etc.

     Just some ideas,good luck.


Thank you, for the message and for the condolences.

I have deliberately not included any of the first adventure notes, as i've still yet to run it with one of the two groups i am playing it with.

The two groups have very different playing styles, one prefers very open story based games, the others prefer more on the rails encounters with less story.

I agree the first game is heavily scripted, as are the characters, and this was deliberate, as it was intended only for that first game. To give a very specific feel for the world, and motivations for the first adventure. After this first game, everyone can then make their own characters and explore a much more open world.

One of the other rules was that everyone had to play a Skaran character first, no non-human races, until they had been encountered in game.  

I do like your sugesstions (and may have to steal some). The first adventure however so far involves a outcast family led by a witch and their plans for vengence against the lord of Bodun. The heroes have to find out how to stop his family being consumed by that vengence, and also discover a little about a group claiming affiliation with the ancient Ebon enemy.

They are not sure if that group is related or just using the historic name for purposes of fear, however they do seem to want to distabalise the power in the region.

I have run it with one of my two groups, and for the most part the players loved the story and the choices they had. As is the case sometimes, some bad choices in combat made the ending a lot different than what was planned and the players on this occasion failed in their quest. They did hunt down the witch and her allies for vengence however, and it showed a lot of promice.

The group have said they would like to game in the world again.

I have made a few alterations to my notes to get it ready for the second (larger) group, and am hoping to run it sometime soon.

When i do i might make some actual play recordings available on the website, and will publish my adventure notes.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback. It's nice to have some from outside my own circle...

My plan is to use the site to promote a lot more of my own, strictly amataur writing...

Glad to help.Loot freely.Tool around the forums and see what inspires you. Post often and update us all.Most folks are happy to help with friendly advice. Best of luck,M
Glad to help.Loot freely.Tool around the forums and see what inspires you. Post often and update us all.Most folks are happy to help with friendly advice. Best of luck,M

Thanks mykrox for making me feel welcome.