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Hi guys,

I've been looking for a group to play with for quite some time now but living in Cheshire in the UK theres none that are that near me.

I'm looking at something like a weekly / fortnightly Skype game, if anyone has a spot for a newbie please give me a shout.

As I say, I've never played before however I'm a quick learner and understand the rules at least to some degree, I'm open to playing most types of characters so I can fit in with a pre-existing group if needs be.
I am in exactly the same predicament as you. I haven't played before and living in the UK with no groups around me makes it very difficult. I have been looking out for a group for quite some time, however, it's difficult, even more so if you try to do it in a UK time zone.
You know, I've heard about 5 people with the same issue as us Vwrmic, finding a DM seems to be the hardest bit, they seem rare as gold dust in the UK.
Well when I first heard about D&D I always imagined I would eventually become a DM and want to run my own games. I'm happy to learn if everyone else is.
If your group was done online via skype etc. I might be interested as well. I have a pretty flexible schedule being a firefighter in the US/Canada west coast. Time zone may not be as much of an issue for me. My email is if you are interested. Thanks for your time.
Yeh it'd be all via skype and I assume or something similar.

I'd be up for giving vwrmic a go at DM'ing if everyone else was.

I'm currently in a Dota2 (computer game) organised tourni but in general any day other than Wednesday is fine for me.
I have no problems at all with vwrmic trying out DM.. For me beginning or ending of the week is best since I tend to work weekends and I like to keep the middle of the week free for my girlfriend. She is an emergency nurse that usually works nights so I can also play middle of the week sometimes as well if the times line up.
I would be up for this! It's one hour off my own timezone, but it's probably the closest I will ever get. I would of course also give vwrmic a chance, if I would be allowed to join in. Pretty much all days look good to me. My email adress is (Yes, I know it's a terrible email, but it always make everyone smile!) so feel free to contact me.
So it seems there are people lurking in the dark looking for a game, just no DM's to host!

I'll be completely honest here guys when I say that I know absolutely nothing. It would be fantastic to get a game going, but at the moment, I don't have a clue how. I suppose the best way is to throw ourselves in at the deep end with one of the starter games, like the red box? What edition would you guys like to play? I've always heard 3.5 is better but also a lot more indepth, where as 4th is easier, quicker, yet takes away a lot of what made D&D 3.5 what it was.

Also what type of experience are you guys after, a general hearted game with out of character banter? A heavy roleplay experience? A game where anything goes and no one cares about roleplaying?
I think we need RP, I don't think that we need to be all rule lawyers on it or "No OOC chat" but without RP D&D won't really be much lol.

Casual RP I guess.

I guess the thing is, using Skype, no one needs to worry about buying things as long as the DM knows whats going on :D

Any version other than 1 is fine for me.

Character wise I'm happy playing any role in the party but I would assume that we need at least 4 players? 
I think the best way to describe 4th would be "streamlined". It's easier to get into and everything is generally faster phased, but a lot of the complexity and character customization got lost in the transition to 4th. 4th is also supposed to be easier to DM, or at least designing encounters. Doesn't really matter all that much to me which edition we go for though.

And I would prefer either a general hearted or a heavy roleplay kinds of games.

As for roles, I would be happy playing anything, but I would probably end up as a skillmonkey or support role. *Nodnod*

Edit: I'm sure we could get by with 3 players 4th... 3.5 might be a bit harder, but still doable.
I will have a good look around Roll20 and see if I can figure it out later today and tomorrow, I will also read up on the DM book so I can get an idea of what we're doing. It sounds like a lot of fun!

Out of all the days, a Sunday evening is probably best for me, is that ok with you guys? We could say 7pm UK time onwards or there abouts. (This Sunday might be too soon, but we could possibly start next)
That would be fine by me, tbh we should all pick a role and generate our characters then submit them to the DM before we meet for the game otherwise it'll just be hours of sitting around thinking of names and back story :D

Vmrmic, if sometime in the next sorta 2 weeks you could put together some information on classes etc or what rules we're playing by that'd be awesome.  Also I'm told that for beginner groups if we used 3.5 we should ban the druid and the bard class as they can be underwhelming and boring to play, in 4 I'm told they are revamped and ok.

Absinthe, its worth noting that the UK is currently on BST as its timezone (we change 2x a year), BST is GMT+1, later this year we'll move to GMT+0 again.

Any ideas from you guys what you would want to play?  (As a note I'm told Paladins are known as party breakers because of the strict rules they have to follow, I'd be happy to have one ofc though).
Banning the druid and bard for being underwhelming and boring to play? Last time I checked, druid was among the most powerful classes and bards... Yeah okey, bards can be a bit boring, but I love them!

Sunday evening would work for me.
Yeh now I think about it this particular person (they used to play ages ago) may have said Druids were OP and spoilt it and Bards were boring to play.

Maybe not ban then but it might be worth not rolling them at first at least?
*Shrugs* Guess we'll get to that when we've decided on an edition... Even though all this talk about bards is making me want to roll one!
*Shrugs* Guess we'll get to that when we've decided on an edition... Even though all this talk about bards is making me want to roll one!

I don't mind 3.5 or 4 are both cool with me.

Since we're all new and the DM is new it might be best to go with 4 for the first campaign
I found this for 4e:

Seemed useful.

It recommends we as players will need:

  • A 4th edition Player's Handbook (PHB)

  • Any additional player option books you want to use, such as:

    • Player's Handbook 2 (PHB2)

    • Player's Handbook 3 (PHB3)

    • Arcane Power

    • Divine Power

    • Primal Power

    • Psionic Power

  • A set of d&d dice (1d4, 4d6, 1d8, 2d10, 1d12, 1d20)

  • Paper

  • A pencil

Using roll20 we would just need the PHB and a notepad doc open tbh...

For the DM it recommends also getting the Dungeon Masters Guide and the Monster Manual. Also I found this for new DM's that could be useful:

I know that Wizards do a pod cast from Chris Perkins on DM'ing too but I have no idea where that is :D

I have no experience with 3.5 and actually like the streamlined combat rules for 4E myself but..... I think that the comment regarding paladins is a bit narrow minded? There are quite a few non aligned deities that would allow for a fairly flexible paladin? I have always been a bit fond of warlocks and avengers myself. I like that they both fulfil alternate roles pretty well if set up right. 
Part of the Paladins class requirement is that they don't stray at all from Lawful Good, if they do anything remotely none good (which with most parties that will happen in some form or another eventually) they lose all their special abilities until they atone which is from my understandings hard to do.

Also some campaigns place further restrictions on it, like they have to fight all evil head on, so if we for instance saw a monster we could avoid that would kill us they would HAVE to fight it.

I'm not saying we shouldn't play one in the party, its up to the people to roll their own chars  I'm just making sure we all know... there can be difficulties. 
I believe the comment was aimed towards the 3.5 paladins. Back then they were only allowed to be Lawful Good and their Code of Conduct was quite... strict. No dishonourable conduct, such as cheating, using poison, killing an opponent who has laid down his weapons, that kind of stuff. They had to respect legitimate authority, always help those in need and punish those that threaten or harm the innocent. They could never work together with someone they knew were evil. Though paladins could be a bit looser with this code of conduct, but only if the DM allowed it. If not, they would lose all the special abilities and spells they had gained from taking levels in the paladin class.

This has been removed in 4th, making paladins champions of their deity instead of rightous warriors of good. So no longer will the paladin be a constant killjoy and ruin all your ambushes 'cause she feel they are dishonourable.

But okey, Avenger or Warlock. At least we got someone to pump out some nice damage then.
If you wanna play paladin that'd be ok with me Eiseth

Specially since they seem cooler for the party in 4 from what you say :P

I'll be happy with either a meaty warrior type, a cleric (as long as I take some interesting stuff as well as healing) or a spell caster.
Oh I didn't mean I wanted to play a paladin, I was just throwing out some info about how the paladin used to be ^^'  I'm starting to lean more towards a leader actually.
Cool, my understanding of leaders are vague at best, their group buffers / healers right?
I've been spending some time researching and reading what we can play. Thankfully I actually have the starter set for 4th edition but was always interested in going for 3.5. Alas, since I own the 4th ed starter set with the books, plus it looks fairly easy to get in to, I think it would be best we do the starter adventure first with the pre-made characters. If we all enjoy that game, then there's no reason we cannot start again on another adventure or something else depending on your feedback.

What do you guys think?
DenieD83: Yeah, that's pretty much what they do.

vwrmic: Sure, guess we could do that.
Makes total sense to me, theres no reason that when the campaign draws to a close and we're all a bit more experienced we couldnt start up a 3.5 or something...

At the end of the day I'll be just super glad to actually have a group to D&D with so I'm up for any setting etc you want to put it in, as the DM your the story teller after all
Hello, I had been looking to DM a group online via skype when I noticed this thread, I mainly skimmed through it to get a general idea of what you were talking about. 

If you aren't already filled up I wouldn't mind lending a helping hand, if you are looking for more players, I would be interested and I have a second player who is looking for a group as well, she was raised on v4 and I am most familiar with v3.5 but I've played enough recent games to get an understanding of the new rules and characters.

Like I said before, if you are still open, then let me know, if not, then thank you very much for your time, and have a great game.

Also, as for our time zones, we are -5 EST, however we both have incredibly flexible schedules and are able to be available throughout most of a 24 period over the next few months.

~ Soarin Wonderbolt

Hello Soarin, this group is still being formed and there's spaces available for you and your friend. I don't know if you already read, but I have not played the game before and am attempting to learn so that I can DM a game for us. If you can DM and want us to play as players, I am happy for you to do that, it would make it much easier for me.

If you would like to discuss it further, we can.
Yes, I'm fine with DMing for the group. I don't mind filling you in on tips and tricks for DMing as well, if you would like. Really, the key skill behind DMing is nothing more than task management and player/scene relationships. It sounds complicated at first, but once you get a game or two under your DM/GM belt you totally have the hang of it.
Well that sounds fantastic then. So how do we go about playing? Is Sunday evening UK time ok with you as it is for the others. About 7.30pm? Will you be using Roll20? Can you tell us what we need to do?

Exciting times!
Alright lets break this down into segments so its more easy to tackle.

First I'm going to need to familiarize myself with time differences between your time(s) and our own.

Secondly, While Sunday should be fine for me I will have to check and make sure it is alright with my cohort

Third, Honestly, This will be the first time using any form of online medium to run/host a DnD game so I will have to find a decent site to work with, I'll check Roll20 since you mentioned it and see where it takes me from there. 

Next issue is the campaign/scenario, if you all don't have one laid out already then I will just go out and buy a pre-made adventure...I've been wanting to try some of the newer ones anyways. On top of that I need a list of all our definate players and it would be nice if I could figure out how many games each player has participated in just so I could get a feel for their skill level so as to not pick out scenario guarunteed to wipe out a low skill party if a campaign hasn't already been drawn up by you guys.

 I think I remember you talking about 4.0 so we will be using those Char. Sheets and rules and anyone who isn't totally familiar with them should either check them out online or purchase the books. 

Also we need to figure out our intervals if you haven't already. How many times in a week we will play. Once, twice, more. I can promise that while my friend does have ample free time, she does also have a life and can't be by the computer seven days a week, and that goes for me as well.

So keeping all that in mind, any info you have on any of those subjects would greatly help me in trying to get this scenario launched by sunday, which is a really close deadline for a DM that just joined lol. 
To be honest, we had not decided on anything concrete, we were simply going to go with the basic starter set adventure because we were all new, especially me as DM. I only mentioned Roll20 because someone else suggested it. How we play and what we play is entirely your choice.

Here's the answers to your questions, hopefully the other guys will sound in and do the same. That should make (including you and your friend) 5 of us confirmed.

Here's our time differences which should be correct, you are -5 hours from us here in the UK, so if we all want to start at say 7pm, that would be 2pm for you.

I can guarantee to play on a Sunday from 7pm onwards. I am happy to play more than 1 day a week if I can at 8pm onwards for a few hours at a time.

I haven't played any games. I always wanted to try 3.5 D&D but I'm happy to play whatever you are comfortable with. If you need any suggestions on setting, I have heard the Forgotten Realms are great.

I concur with all thats been said, this sounds great.

Just a note, you are EST which is UMT -5 the UK moves time zone in the summer from GMT to BST, so currently we are BST which is UMT +1, in essence we are 6 hours different.

So if we said we're starting play at 19:30 you'd be starting at 13:30.  Would that be ok?

Setting-wise, I'm not really bothered tbh, if you could summarise the general feel of a few scenarios we could all give our general feedback possibly or you could just choose one

Play time wise... 7.30 BST would be great for me on a Sunday, at least at first I'd like to say once a week, how long does a play session usually last roughly?  I'm also up for reschedules if people can't do the coming Sunday cos of XYZ, we all have lives, I'm free most nights if I have notice. 

I was the one that mentioned Roll20 btw, its the only one I know of and I have seen videos of people that use it and it looks decent, there may be better ones ofc and as long as it rolls dice it pretty much fulfils my needs; its more about can the DM DM on it successfully I guess :D
Oh I was also going to ask then:

Is it worth me buying the 3 "Player's Handbook: A 4th Edition Core Rulebook"s ?
Alright, thanks to both of you who pitched in on the details, they really help alot, especially the GMT / BST tid bit, I can honestly say I did not know that, so thank you for teaching me something new :3 At any rate let me address Denie's question about the Handbooks first.

Simply put, Yes. I promise you, you will never encounter an issue with having a hard copy of the players handbooks. Not only do they look awesome, they make you feel more professional when playing the game in real life in front of others, and in the event of being robbed or assualted, the books seem to be made of either adamantine or some form experimental alloy that can not be broken by human bones, which makes smashing peoples faces in quite an easy feat should the need ever arise. Also, they make an excellent object to decorate any part of the home and finally, how can one not love that new book smell?

Next I will adress what's left of the questions in no particular order.

The time works for me, On monday however, I will be moving from my current location to a new appartment so that week will be rather busy, especially with my time frame for game night/day being 13:00 roughly. With that in mind I may or may not be able to DM the week after, But I can definately continue unobstructed after the 1st of next month.

As far as length of time during a session goes. There is really no 'standard' set for play time. Usually though, most people will alot anywhere between four to five hours for a decent session. Some of the more hardcore groups that meet once a week for some serious dungeon crawling will slot a 6-7 hour session. However, seeing as we will be doing this online and we don't have to worry about catching busses/trollies to a comic shop or driving to a friends house, I think it would be in the best interest to start our first few games at 4 hours to 4 hours and 30 minutes. That way everyone can get the feel for the turn speed in an online environment and no one feels pressured to spend a signifigant amount of time dedicating to smashing some goblin's head in with a tree branch. If we all agree that increasing or decreasing the session time would be more enjoyable / prudent, then we will tackle that issue when it arises.

Tacking onto the session bit, the session frequency(number of times played in a week) will be of course determined by everyone's schedule. Unfortunately a large number of events arose in my partner's schedule so she wont be joining us, however she may be sitting in. Ontop of that I have six other people who want to get in so I am deciding whether or not to do a Tag-Team DM campaign where we take everyone split the players down the middle and run a signle campaign that follows two linear paths for the players to embark on. Its slightly more difficult for the DMs but its highly enjoyable for the players. However I have never given it any real thought for an online setting so if I can't find a compitent DM to work with then I will just break it down into two separate sessions held on the same day at different times....kind of got tangetal there, but end all be all is that we need the schedules for everyone to line up if we want to do more than one session a week.

 Seeing as you are all new, or relatively so to the game, I can think of a few pre-made adventures that would be suitable to run, they are fun enjoyable and don't end with you all fighting for your lives as a red dragon caves in a volcano on top of you while you try to escape from lava flows and deranged dragonkin. So I will decide on a scenario to go with and I will send you all the info tomorrow.

Thank you for suggesting Roll20 by the way, I went to the site and did a little online digging, its an excellent tool for online D&D gaming, I honestly couldn't ask for more when it comes to that site...well, maybe more node slots for the effects on the characters and enemies, but all and all its a wonderful site.

Alright, so with all that being said. Hopefully we can get the others to post so we can get some concrete agreement on this and also, if you wouldn't mind, it would be incredibly helpful if I could get you all to leave your skype names in your posts so I can add you. Don't worry, I am not going to contact you except on the game days, unless you want to talk to me for some reason.

Thank you all again, and if you would like to go ahead and add me, my skype is: liquidatedsteel
basic info for the selected scenario

The Burning Plague

A sickness has come unto the simple mining community of Duvik's Pass, poisoning their wells and blighting their crops. With the pestilence leaving the strongest men of the town's guard a few short days away from death, the burden of descending into the mines and purging the wellspring of whatever evil has settled there falls to an intrepid band of adventurers. Can these noble heroes prevail within the depths of Duvik's Pass, or will they too fall victim to the perils of The Burning Plague?

The Burning Plague is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure designed for a party of four to six characters of 1st level. Dungeon Masters (DMs) should feel free to adjust the adventure as necessary to accommodate groups not falling within this range. However, given the fairly low power level of the inhabitants of the mines at Duvik's Pass, it should be noted that parties consisting of 20 or more total levels are unlikely to find satisfactory challenge within The Burning Plague.


Due to source failures, the actual 'Burning Plague' map will not be used unless I can locate someone with a digital/hard copy of the map. In lieu we will be using an amalgamation of map sheets that will accurately represent the map to the best of their abilities and will in no way hinder or change the flow of the game. 

Wewt, looks like a lot has happened here since I last checked!

First, happy to have you along soarinwonderbolt!
Second, we've now decided on 3.5?
Third, I too can guarantee my availability on Sundays from 7pm and I'll also be up for more than one session a week. At least for a couple of weeks, things might change a bit when I start working again.

Hmm, yeah. That seems to be all. Oh, and my skype name is theeiseth!
I think we agreed on 4th edition Eiseth but I'll let Soarin confirm that :D

My skype name is denied83

and that campaign sounds fun :D

As for the next question, I'm pretty sure this is going to be a stupid one but:  What happens when / if we finish that campaign?  Do we roll new chars or just carry on and find more stuff to do / places to go etc?

Has anyone thought more about their characters?  I'd like to roll one and send it to Soarin before we met to play so that he can tell us if theres anything we got wrong.  That way we aren't all waiting around when we start up. 
The beauty of premade adventure sets, is that as long as you or your DM keep a log of your adventures, you can carry them over to other scenarios. And while its rare, depending on the commanding leaders in a game group if you have detailed logs of your adventures you can join adventure groups with your current characters. Though that doesn't happen very often.

What I am hoping is that after we finish this scenario, then either we will do one more premade, or I will ask mic if he wants to help me run a large scale scenario with eight to ten players that would include anyone from here wanting to join in. Its been a campaign I have been working on for a while now.

But essentially, as long as you play with the same group you are allowed to keep your character(s)

Also, yes it will be 4ed or v4.0 
Cool books ordered.

And if you add me on Skype I have the group formed with me Mic and Eiseth in so you can add them easily from there. 
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