Sniper Feats

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Hey I created a list of feats a Sniper in my campaign can choose from. I was wondering what you guys think about this, and any changes you guys would make or throw some Ideas out there so I can add some to list.

1.)(Snipers eye) Requirments (Spot +10)

The sniper's ability to make sneak attacks with ranged weapons is no longer limited by the distance of the target.

2.)(Trained Sniper)

+ 2 to all checks using a Sniper

3.)(Advanced Sniper) Requirments ( Trained Sniper, Dex 18)

 + 4 to all checks using a Sniper

4.)( Assassination) Requirments ( Snipers eye, Trained Sniper, Advanced Sniper, Concentration 10)

 The Sniper can spend 3 rounds studying target then make a assassination attempt if the attack is a successful attempt the target is successfully assassinated.

5.) (Strong grip) Requirments ( Str 17, Dead Aim, Far shoot )

You can add your Strength Modifier to your attack roll ( Only with Snipers )

6.)( Quick Reaction ) Requirments ( Dex 18, Advanced Sniper, Slight of hand 12 )

If you miss a target you can spend a action point for another attack.

That's it for now but would love you guys and girls feed back and some extra Ideas.