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Hi all, I recently started DMing a group for my friends and I. We are all novices and first timers at the game.

Their group is made up of a Guardian Fighter, Warlock, Trickster Rogue and Devoted Cleric.

We are doing just fine in terms or getting through our first set of encounters, but my Rogue isn't all that pleased with how his damage dealing is going on. I understand that this is just level 1 etc (just hit lvl 2), but is he simply playing it incorrectly?

He tends to wade in, attempt to get combat advantage, but generally can't hit all that hard and gets squished if I decide to attack him.

Any tips and advice would be much appreciated!

Well, there is a Rogue At-Will (forget the name) that gives you CA just for being adjacent to an enemy. The Cunning Stalker feat is also popular with Rogues. Finally, the Rogue could try to work with party members to get CA, not just by flanking but also by being aware of when and where they are using powers that end up granting ca, such as attacks that daze, etc. The Rogue should also be encouraging the defender (assuming there is one) to pull some of the monsters off of him.
attempt to get combat advantage

This is the important part. He desperately wants CA for every attack or his damage will not be impressive.

The warlock and cleric should definitely be ready to move adjacent to enemies to provide flanking, but make sure to do so after attacking.

Always consider delaying turns if it can help provide flanking, but try to avoid delaying past enemies.

Some feats to take early: Backstabber, Light Blade Expertise, Nimble Blade, Cunning Stalker.
If you're the DM, then you can help the rogue player to have a more fun time by setting combat encounters in more interesting locations. Make sure you provide him with plenty of places to hide and sneak around to get the drop on the monsters, as well as elevated or otherwise hard-to-reach places he can snipe from. Early levels can be a bit tricky for rogues, because they're generally too fragile to spend all their time flanking and haven't yet got the feats and powers to enable them to get combat advantage consistently without flanking. Clever use of terrain and stealth is one way to get around this weakness, but it requires the terrain to actually be there, and that's up to the DM.

"My flying carpet is full of elves."

The CA is definitely an issue here, but it seems like his accuracy may be an even bigger hurdle.  Do you know what his basic attack bonus is?

edit: I can read apparently. OP said e can't hit that hard in which case it is a CA issue. I had the same thing when we started playing with my group. The rogue player was newto the game and had trouble with the CA mechanics. When we ran our first encounters I would point out ways she could gain CA until she got familiar with playing and could do it on her own 
This is really great advice, thank you guys so much for the feedback and tips
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