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Heyy guys... Fellow DM here. I'm making a new Core Engine and leveling and Class System for my DnD campaign called The Playwright Campaign. The main differences is that now magic is based off mana use. And when you level up there is a level tree that you spend points on to increase your classes stats. The magic also each has their own unique skill tree you spend points in to unlock more magic spells.  I developed each class skill tree as to fill a certain niche in the party. So that everyone feels most important. I have included a screenshot of the Core Rules and one of the Rogue Skill Tree. Please tell me what you guys think! I really need to make sure this is balanced well.
I'm not sure there's enough info here to judge the core engine. For example, we have no idea how much mana a typical spell would cost, or how it is regained. I'm also confused as to how strength allows you to scry or read lips, and constitution could use more skills.

As for the rogue tree, as a player I'd like the final step of the tree to reflect my choices throughout rather than every path converging back on one thing. It doesn't make much sense that the guy specializing in assassination ends up at the same point as the guy studying diplomacy. Increased sneak attack damage doesn't mean anything for a rogue who can't even do sneak attacks.
I love my Spell Points, Power Points and Mind Points.

So do my players.

Within; Without.

I love my Spell Points, Power Points and Mind Points.

So do my players.

Every spellcasting class gains Spell Points by level. Spells cost a number of points equal to their Spell Level (Metamagic Feats can make them more expensive). Players "choose" spells to "learn" at each level up, and spends points to cast them. No frost giant pubes to collect, no powdered cotton candy from mechanus or other wierd things. Just pay the cost and cast the spell. Spell and Power Points work the same.

Some classes, as a different option to this use Mind Points. One mind point can be used for any spell it can cast. (meaning higher level spells are not more expensive than lower level ones). However, these classes also use mind points for a few spell-like abilities they have. A caster makes a Spellcraft equivilent check to set a DC wherever needed.

Within; Without.

Only stupid dnd has silly witchcraft type of spell casting with componants and memorization. All others use power points, mana points, etc...complete fantasy make sense system.
I run homebrew system that uses mana for spells, and it works well. For low level spells the cost is 1 power point per level of the spell-it increases slightly higher up. The concept is perfectly valid for a system, whether it works will depend on how it's implemented.

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