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Looking to start up a game in the Waterbury area (technically Oakville), meeting up weekly if possible either on Saturday or on a weeknight.  Prefer players who have at least a basic understanding of 4e. 

Rule Set: 4e   I have played every edition of D&D, and do add aspects from previous editions, however as a DM I find 4e to be the easies to DM.  However, if players are looking for more roleplaying opportunities, or looking for a grittier game I can accommodate that with the 4e ruleset.

Initially, looking to add a couple of new players to the game - will probably run a couple of one-shots just to ensure that the group will function well together before any commitment to characters is made.  


  • Players need to be ok other players being: Gay, Female, Different religions, etc.  I Hate having to even bullet point that out, but this is an open and friendly game, no need to bring any hate to the table.  

  • Players must be at least 18 years old.  21 or over is preferable.  I'm in my 30s, I really don't want people questioning why they are dropping 14 year old Timmy off at some strangers house to play games with a bunch of adults.  Also players (or myself) may have beer during the game and it would just be odd with kids or teenagers around.

  • While we will occasionally discuss some dark themes, we aren't looking to get into anything too serious.  It's one thing to have a quick quip of how some bandits had raided a town, it's another to get into a graphic depiction of violence or sexual assault on women and children.  Again, hate to even say that but have experienced it in the past.....

  • Unless someone else has a good house for gaming, it will likely be held at my house, and I have dogs so please be ok with dogs.  They might bark a lot the first time they meet you but will not bite unless attacked.

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