Do Assassins get a lvl3 Encounter?

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I am using the character builder and it doesn't give me a level 3 encounter power with my Assassin.  Is this normal?  Is the builder broken?  I didn't choose a template or anything.  I googled and used the compendium and it appears that level 3 encounter powers DO exist, but it doesn't let my assassin choose any with the builder so I wonder if I am missing a rule somewhere.
Executioner assassins only get Assassin's Strike, which does more and more damage as you increase in level. Shroud assassins get encounter powers following the default advancement table. So it depends which sort of assassin you're building.

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 Also, always choose the home campaign and custom character options at the start of the builder - this allows you access to all the options, whereas the others limit you to just the basic books and whatever options are specific to that campaign world.
 But yes, as stated, the Essentials Assassin, the Executioner, only gets what's listed in their individual class advancement chart, and keep recieving upgrades to ther Assassin's Strike power rather than getting other Encounter powers at the levels where other characters get their Encounter powers.


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