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If I have a Whim of Volrath exiled with my Kaho, Minamo Historian on the battlefield, and I use Kaho's ability to cast Whim of Volrath, can I pay its buyback cost?
If I can, will it return to my hand instead of being placed in the graveyard? Thanks.
Whenever you play a card without paying its mana cost, the buyback is neither paid for nor optionally available, and X is always zero.

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yes, certainly

it is an additional cost that you can pay (it isn't covered by the "without paying its mana cost")

702.25a Buyback appears on some instants and sorceries. It represents two static abilities that function while the spell is on the stack. “Buyback [cost]” means “You may pay an additional [cost] as you cast this spell” and “If the buyback cost was paid, put this spell into its owner’s hand instead of into that player’s graveyard as it resolves.” Paying a spell’s buyback cost follows the rules for paying additional costs in rules 601.2b and 601.2e–g.

You may apply optional additional costs like buyback or kicker, but not multiple alternate costs like overload when casting a spell for an alternate cost.

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It seems there is a conflict between the responses, but I'll think I'll go with 2goth4U's answer since he provided rulings, unless Saelorn would like to add anything. Thank you both for replying.
Go with 2Goth4u, he/she cites actual rules, and his/her knowledge of the rules is very well known around these parts.

And with that, Welcome to this subforum, Saelorn!
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Saelorn is mistaken. He's correct about X always being zero, but that isn't relevant here, and it's worth adding that typically X costs are part of the mana cost - they are not additional cost. If you play something like Raze without paying its mana cost, you still have to pay the additional cost. The same principle applies to Buyback, the main difference being that Buyback is optional.

DD, Saelorn is hardly new around these parts.
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Hm, I tried looking up a bit on Saelorns last posts and only found DnD stuff, and I don't remember the name from the time Iwas active here, so I camr to the wrong conclusion.

Sorry Saelorn! 
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