Recruiting for a In-Person 3.5 DnD game in San Diego CA

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Hello everyone, I am looking for a few more players to add to my game. We are located in San Diego, California in the Mission Valley Area.

I run a 3.5 Eberron Campaign with a great bunch of players. We typically start at about 6-630pm on Saturday nights and will run until 12-1am (depending on work schedules and when people are getting tired)

The players are a low optimized group we tend to play to have fun, and dont worry about optimizing.

Now about the game:

This game is pretty open world, my players are free to do as they please in the world and i try to come up with adventures ahead of time to meet that need.

I toss in a few plot elements from time to time, but mainly i let people explore the world and their characters.

The current plot of the game places us in Eberron as i stated.

The party started at level 1 and is now i believe level 9. They started as guards for the city of Sharn in the employ of House D. They also acquired a NPC who claimed to bare a mark of the sentinel and had an interest in helping the party find the girl his name was Thrayne.

They found out a plot by a cult devoted to the Lich Queen to succor a young elven child out of the city and to the Lhazaar Principalities and to her citadel.

The part interceded and acquired the child, while they were out adventuring with the child trying to find her parents they were jumped by a band of thieves in the employ of the cult.

They defeated the thieves but the leader escaped. Later that same night he returned and snuck into the camp he sliced his way into the ten that held the child and escaped off with her into the night.

The party awoke in the middle of the night to find her missing. The party having a very good idea where he was heading ran right for the lightning rail and took a tour of the 5 countries on the way to the Principalities. (i have some people new to Eberron so please understand i did this for world development)

They arrived in the Principalities when the ship containing the ShadowDancer and the child docked. The party boarded the ship and disarmed 3 levels of traps. (this made my rogue nuts)

Upon encountering the the shadow dancer and the child on the bottom most deck the party found out they had a traitor in their midst. After months of traveling with the guard Thrayne they found out he was a Ancient Green Dragon who had altered his form to appear human. he claimed the child was his child and demanded they give him the child. The shadow dancer having heard all of this freaked out and ran for his life. The child feeling the malevolence inside the dragon lashed out with a cry and the dragon died instantly. (this ending was thought to be very anticlimactic by my party but i gave them the freedom to act as they saw fit and this is how it ended)

The rogue/archer in the party decided the child was to much trouble to be left alive, she stated the child would always be in danger and she would never be safe anywhere. She convinced the party the right thing to do would be to kill the child and destroy her remains. So they did..... The child was killed and her body burnt and then her ashes were tossed into the sea.

The party realizing they were always going to be on the run hired a pirate ship to carry them to the tip of the country of Zilargo. From there they found a city and purchased mounts they continued on west to the Eldeen Reaches hoping to escape the Lich Queen's assassins.

This proved futile.....

Now the party has decided to take matters into their own hands. They have decided the only way to be free will be to destroy the Lich Queen, her Phylactery, and the Blood of Vol cult itself.

They now travel by foot wanted by 3 countries of Eberron towards the final conflict.

I had 2 people who were unable to continue attending due to changes in work schedules. Currently i run the game with 3 players and i would like 1-3 more players to round out the group. 

THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO JOIN, this is when the action happens the party has 3-4 main villains all lined up with back story based on their actions in the world to destroy. Their current missions puts them on a crash course with each of these challenges.

The games i run are very challenging, and tend to lend themselves to people who can think outside the box. Creativity is a must, i also do not hold back in fights.

I would like to find a few new players to add to the campaign. I am not worried about part size, in the past i once ran a campaign with 12 people in it.

As a side note one of the players also DM's a game on alternating weeks, typically we do one week of my game, then one week of his, then back to mine, and then a week off. Its not mandatory to make every game, I will not let players fall more then 1 level behind everyone else, so if you cant make a few games due to real life your fine.

Please send me a message here on this forum, or reply to this post if you have any questions! You can also email me at

Thank you very much!

PS: After this game ends sometime in October i will have another game already planned and written it will not be a Eberron campaign.  
This looks like an AWESOME campaign, Drax/DarkLion, but I just can't go back to 3.5.  Good luck and if there is any interest in a 4th ed game in San Diego, I'm there (  Good luck with the Lich Queen!