Revenant Beastlords

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How do revenant unnatural vitality features interract with fused fate?

"Fused Fate (24th level): Whenever an effect targets you, you can choose for it to target your beast companion in addition to you or instead of you, as long as the beast is within 20 squares of you and you can see it. "

"Effect: The result of a game element’s use. The damage and conditions caused by an attack power are the power’s effects, for instance. Some powers have “Effect” entries, which contain some but not necessarily all of the powers’ effects. In an attack power, the effects of such an entry are not contingent on a hit or a miss."

"Unnatural Vitality: When you drop to 0 hit points or fewer and are subjected to the dying condition, you can choose to be dazed, instead of falling unconscious. You make death saving throws as normal, and if you fail one, you fall unconscious instead of being dazed."

"Ghostly Vitality: If you drop to 0 or fewer hit points and choose to remain conscious due to Unnatural Vitality, you can take a move action and a minor action in addition to the standard action Unnatural Vitality allows. While you have 0 or fewer hit points, you gain insubstantial."

We have the "game elements" - unnatural vitality and ghostly vitality.  Clearly, it targets me, as it says "when you.."  and "you can..."  So as I read this, it seems to say, that I can have unnatural vitality effect(s) target my companion, meaning that it can keep acting when it is below 0 hit points until it fails a death save, and it is insubstantial.  

What do you think about that?  

Or is it more like 
Trigger: PC drops below 0
Effect: PC and/or Beast Companion can choose to be dazed, gain a move and a minor, and become insubstantial instead of falling unconscious. First failed death save ends this affect.  
(big difference being that the PC and Beast would both have to be below 0)