New Ranger Favored Enemies

What do people still want to see?

I like Undead, Aberrant, and Witch

For Each (in addition to the advantage on knowledge checks):

- Holy Slayer: You can prepare spells from both the Paladin and the Ranger list
- Fearless: You Cannot be Frightened
- Withstand the Grave: You have necrotic and cold resistance

- Pack Awareness:
- Strong Mind: You have advantage on saves to resist the charmed, stunned, and intoxicated conditions
- Come to your senses: Once an hour as an action you can end the charmed, stunned, or intoxicated condition on an adjacent ally as long as you are not currently subject to one of those effects

- You have advantage on Intelligence checks to recall lore of Evil Cults and Famous Evil Spellcasters
- Holy Slayer:
- Strong Mind:
- Evasion:

I also like the idea of presenting in a later splat book the idea for Rangers to take favored Terrain instead of Favored Enemies, in addition to the lore skill they would be able to have features that would function in all terrain but would make thematic sense as a collection of features.

I would allow any of these in my game. 

Disclaimer: Wizards of the Coast is not responsible for the consequences of any failed saving throw, including but not limited to petrification, poison, death magic, dragon breath, spells, or vorpal sword-related decapitations.

I think rangers are a bit weak as they are; I'd like to see them just add a favored terrain feature to the class. 
If I had my druthers Jaelis they would remove spellcasting and replace it with favored terrain and make the hunter's mark spell a feature all Rangers would get as well as give all Rangers herbalism as a bonus feat.
I agree the Ranger is looking a little weak at the moment, going to play test one tonight though. I think the distribution of the FE perks are a little oblique. I would like something in the level 5 range, and for the Camouflage ability to just be factored in by spells (meld into plants/stone, something of that sort). Lastly, I think that there are too many defensive options presented for the FE—why can't there be some offensive boost when coming toe-to-toe with a creature you've studied and hunted? It might be nice just to say "Once per round you can gain advantage on a single attack against a [list of of your FE creature]"
Here's an idea,

then Hunter's Quarry feature from 4E has become a spell. What if it was made into a feature related to Creature Lore, basically if you can recall lore you get the hunter's quarry feature on the creature. Then the advantage on checks would mean you have an increased chance of getting your hunter's quarry off on your favored enemies.

This is far from perfect . . . obviously the weird Intelligence requirement for Rangers . . .  
Yeah, I think they are divorcing lore from skills soon, and I believe that's all for the best. The conundrum of the FE comes from an inclusive vs exclusive adventure build: if the ranger is good at killing orcs, then the DM feels obligated to include orcs in the game. By making the FE benefits defensive and/or passive then they can apply to a larger blanket of scenarios. However, then you kind of lose the idea that a ranger is good at hunting. The spell works kind of nice, though it is a dumbed down version of 4e's mark, but it does allow the versatility of a ranger going more in a supportive, healing, or even tanking role.

I just wish there was a way for the ranger to get some sort of advantage (lowercase a) to attacking their FE without the inclusive vs exclusive conundrum.
I have to admit I prefer the 4E style of having a primary role define a character and having diversity of secondary roles. I don't think I've ever thought of rangers as tanks, and a Con heavy Barbarian and the Warden Paladin seems to cover most of this ground thematically.

I agree with you there should be some Attack boost, but it's hard when it's designed to be a cherry on top, and readers confuse it with the point of the whole sundae.

Perhaps even "Hunter's Mark" Ranger spell text is modified to say "can be cast on your favored enemy without expending a spell slot even if you haven't prepared it." As a concentration spell it isn't a huge boost of resources to unbalance the game, and it's just a nice little bonus. But you still have it to use against any other enemy you want with your normal resources.
Here’s what I think needs to be addressed:

Attack bonus: Not bad. Pales in comparison to the older rangers that could make multiple attacks per round.

Level 1 Favored Enemy: Not a bad concept. Too bad the list of options is too short. It would be nice to see an Undead Hunter option that excels in the hunting of those that violate Nature.

Level 1: Spellcasting: This ability needs a lot of work. If you are going to give this class spells, then they should have an equal amount of spells. Rangers have no need of things like Fireball and Lightning Bolt, but Speak with Animals and the old Summon Nature Ally spells would have been nice. Also, the Ranger should be able to prepare the same amount of spells as the rest of the spellcasters (namely 1 + level – and not the half level crap that we are currently dealing with)

Level 4: Wary: Not bad, but absolutely useless if you are an Elf, since Elves automatically get this. The iconic elven ranger gains no real benefit here.

Level 5: Deadly Strike: The Ranger’s deadly strike pales in comparison to that of the barbarian and rogue. If all three of these classes are considered martial, shouldn’t they have the same damage potential?

20th level Rogue with a 20 in Dexterity and a +1 Rapier

     +9 to hit, 3d8+ 6 damage (30 damage, up to 38 damage if a critical hit is scored) + 10d8 (80 damage – Backstab/Sneak Attack)

20th level Barbarian with a 20 in Strength and +1 Greataxe

     +11 to hit; 5d12 + 6 damage + 14 damage (Rage) (80 damage, up to 92 if a critical hit is scored)

20th level Ranger with a 20 in Dexterity and a +1 Longbow

     +11 to hit, 5d8 + 6 damage (46 damage, up to 54 damage if a critical hit is scored)


     Rogue maximum damage: 118(38 + 80)

     Barbarian maximum damage: 92 (80 + 12)

     Ranger maximum damage: 54 (46 + 8)

There is something seriously wrong if a 3 foot, 70 pound little halfling does more damage than a 6 foot 5 inch 280 pound barbarian armed with a freaking greataxe!

And last, but certainly not least, we need our animal companions! Otherwise, why not just play a Rogue that has a bow?

Ranger Animal Companions are going to be addressed as a module that is going to be cross class, so you play either a game with companions or a game without companions, so we can be certain it will never be baked into the class. I also think it's crazy that the volley ability with bows isn't somewhere in the Ranger build. Rangers should get multiattack like Fighter's.

As for spellcasting, Paladin's and Ranger's can prepare the same number of spells, this seems to be the Gish number and I'm satisfied with it.

Level 4: Wary: Not bad, but absolutely useless if you are an Elf, since Elves automatically get this. The iconic elven ranger gains no real benefit here.

Actually, not true, and it tripped me (the DM) up last game. I happen to have a wood elf ranger amongst my characters.

Surprise is a Wisdom Saving Throw (p20, DM Guidelines) or a Wisdom Check (pg 17, DM Guidelines), but it's not a listen or spot check. Elves get advantage on listen and spot checks as you note, but not on surprise rolls.

I also think that it's... um.. of questionable difference, but so far I'm going with an ability to react sort of argument in my head. It's a pretty fine line here, but I imagine it is in place to keep perception checks from being all important. I don't know that I agree with this decision.
Lastly I putted Half-elven bounty hunteress on my players, so I made Near-Human Favored Enemy simple tree basing it on Brute Hunters one. If any one is interesting, I can write it here. Cool
Rangers can take the "find familiar" feat if you want them to have a companion.
Rangers can take the "find familiar" feat if you want them to have a companion.

Great - so we can have a bunch of elven rangers running around with vicious housecats? LOL I think not.
The only way I see animal companion working is if they did Sideclasses
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