Necropotence combo-deck(needs to be faster)

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20x Swamp
4x Reliquary Tower

4x Dark Ritual
4x Necropotence
4x Culling the Weak
4x Memnite
4x Ornithopter
4x Magus of the Coffers
4x Umbral Mantle
4x Exsanguinate 
+ something

Any ideas how to make it 1 turn win? I'd like to troll my buddies :D
Well, if you're really aiming for a turn 1 win, wouldn't you have to take out Necro? After all, you don't actually get to draw until the end step.
Sevus is right - there's no way you can obtain a turn 1 win with Necro because your 'draw' doesn't happen until the end of your turn.

You'd have to rip the deck apart and do something along the lines of:

  1. Dark Ritual

  2. Entomb (search for Griselbrand)

  3. any two mana reanimation spell, putting Griselbrand into play

  4. Proceed to draw tons of cards (include some free mana ramp), then combo off (Tendrils of Agony could work nicely for that)

Note that Magus of the Coffers is too slow for the ultra-fast combo deck you're hoping to build.  I'm also unsure of what Umbral Mantle is supposed to do.

EDIT: Just realized that you can go infinite with Magus of the Coffers and Umbral Mantle.  Even so, it's too slow for what you're wanting to accomplish.

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Like others have said, Necro decks can't go off on Turn 1.

My old turn 1 deck: