Warlord Provocation + Defender Question - How many attacks would we get?

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I'm about to start a game.  I'll be playing a warlord and plan on tag teaming with our party's berserker.  I'm going to use brash assault as an at-will.  So here is the set-up.

I and the berserker flank an enemy.
I use Brash Assault which allows the enemy to attack me in response.
Enemy attacks me.
Brash Assault now allows my ally (berserker) to make an mba as a free action against the enemy.
Defender's Aura allows the berserker to make an attack against the enemy as an opportunity action.

So, does the berserker get both of those attacks or is their some rule that says he can only gain one attack from the same triggering event?

Thanks in advance! 
Yes he does get both of them.

He could only have one FREE ACTION attack per turn, but the punishment is not a free action.
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'Tis what I thought.  Thanks for the confirmation!  I'm looking forward to pulling off a three-hit at-will when this game starts off!
Keep in mind that an intelligent enemy can choose not to attack you when you use Brash Assault, especially knowing that he is in a defender aura. But this is of course a valid tactic for you to use.

One of the main reasons defenders exist is to provide enemies with a disincentive to attack the defender's allies. That includes having to decide when to take granted free attacks or opportunity attacks. 
Worth noting that Brash Assault is an optional attack. The enemy doesn't have to take it and knows it''ll generate a free attack if it does.

Provoke Overextension, on the other-hand... are you a Bravura Warlord?

Also check out Harlequinn Style.
Thanks guys.  I found Harlequin Style from the Warlord Handbook over in Charop and I am going with Bravura.  

I know the setup is optional for the enemy.  I hope to exploit this with "stupid" enemies, my DM is fairly good with RP on that kind of thing.  Also, I might be able to pull it off on smart foes once, before they get wise.  I did take Provoke Overextension for the smart enemies along with the solid damage boost.

Thanks for the advice!