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Field report for D&D Encounters: Search for the Diamond Staff (Week 2) now available at Dungeon's

I ran the encounter at two different FLGS using D&D Next for both. This was another very short session running only a bit over an hour at both stores. The first group went in through the cottage and then got bottlenecked at the narrow door. The second group burst into through the main doors. In both encounters I had the Orcs flee from the Golem leaving the PCs closer to it. One group refused to fight it, the other didn't hesitative. In the end both groups used healing magic to revive Imani and had him stop the Golem. The "Chasing the Orcs" skill challenge didn't translate well into D&D Next. My group felt it was an unnecessary excuse to roll dice.

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Another great session as the players and myself settle into the playtest rules, I was impressed at our newest member (Vipin) having created his own character for this week (having played a pregen last time) especially as this was only his second ever session of D&D.

The addition of the Encounters battlemats has helped "visualise" the combats somewhat but with the focus being more on the the players interactions rather than tactical positioning.

The skill challenge (never my favourite part of 4e) didnt really make an appearance as we RP'd rather than calling for a number of skill rolls, if the players ideas/plans were described I took that as their skill check and that worked well for us.

"Well that encounter was, guys, why is the DM grinning?" (party members last words)

It's not a party till the screaming starts!

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Game HQ in Oklahoma City:

Another great turnout and we ran two tables with Five players at each.  For my table, because of the revised short rest rule since this adventure was written, I improvised a ruling. I allowed the 5 minute rest, but they were only allowed to recover one hit dice. They did this and combined it with a few healing potions for the Pally that went down unconcious last game. Once they recovered... the sprint down to the Imanni's tower was on.

The combat began very quickly as the party moved into the tower and engaged the orcs and the Golem without hesitation. The party actually saw the Golem as the larger threat and focused their high damage attacks on him. One of the players had told me before that he was wanting to switch characters, but wanted the old character to die in-game for story's sake. The Golem was more than willing to cooperate with the little gnome rogue and when he fell unconscious, the Golem, in his furious rage, picked the gnome up and threw him against the wall, ending his life. However, by this time the rest of the party had the fight well in hand and were able to finish off the orcs, and were actually able to kill the Golem a few rounds later as well. 

For the skill challenge I had each character make 2 ability checks like the conversion notes suggest, but I had them make one at a DC10 and one at a DC15. I counted up total passes and fails. They passed pretty easily. I allowed them to take a short rest then before we start next week's session.

We finished with about 15 mins to spare in our 2 hour session.