Saving Characters as Alternate File Types

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I used to have an Insider subscription, but I don't anymore.  I do still have the Character Builder installed on my computer, but I can't get my computer to work with the printer.  The computer that does work with the printer doesn't have the Character Builder installed.  Because the Character Builder saves the characters in such an odd format, they can't be opened on a computer without it.  Does anyone know if there's a way to save them as like a .pdf or a .jpeg or something?  Or any other way to open the files on a computer that doesn't have the Character Builder would work too.
Either my search-fu isn't up to snuff, or you need to open them first in a Builder before you can print them as PDFs.  
Download a PDF printer to the machine with the CB on it, and print to PDF, then transfer to the machine with the hardcopy printer by email or thumb drive.
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I use CutePDF, print the file to PDF, and then email the sheets to my players.
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