Is there a limit of downloads for Dungeon and Dragon magazine?

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I've just recently bought a membership to DDi to download every issue of Dungeon and Dragon but after about 50 (give or take) issues I started to have to download sperate articles, and then later down the road the download buttons are gone entirely. Is that supposed to happen? Or is there a limit to how many I can download?

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They eventually went from full issues to individual articles for some reason. This is normal.

Not sure about the second part though, hopefully someone with DDi responds.
They recently went back to the compiled PDF issue.  You should find them downloadable again, but the download link is in a different place.
Unless something crazy happened and everything changed, you should be able to download all the magazine PDFs you want as long as you have an active D&DI account.
Just to tack on

Around issue 395 for Dragon (and the same month for dungeon) they had gone over to not compiling the issues.

See, prior to issue 395, they would release articles on a weekly basis, and then at the end generate a PDF that contained all the articles together (or something to that effect). Around issue 395 they stated that people were downloading only the individual articles and due to complexity of keeping both the individual articles and the compiled was too hard or something.

Over the past like 8 or so issues they stopped making the invidual articles available and went back to the compiled issue.

Not sure why the change back but I like it better.  
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and no mater what someone is upset-
Either that they can not download compilations from 395-418 or so 
or that they can not down load articles from 418+

oh and some people complain about content but that has nothing to do with this thread.    
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I started a petition thread here:

Requesting they release the lost issues as PDF's   
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