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I am not sure how to interpret the early layout without a map, it's a little confusing.

There are a few ways to go from the main entrance.

So does that mean the party might miss something or do they go thru it all?

I am trying to be vague so not to spoil anything.

I am writing on my new tablet...

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[Spoiler DM Only]

The cave is meant to be explored in the order the areas are presented. On page 16 it says "The characters explore the other areas in the order given below before undertaking the final encounter." So the order is Entrance cave--->Fungal Passage--->Orc Den--->Flowstone Cave. Note that the map provided is only for the Flowstone Cave area.

It is entirely possible your group will skip the cave and choose to ambush their query when they come outside. [/spoiler]

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I hate to disagree with you but.....

But in book in the text of the 1st cave, it talks about how there are 2 paths out of the 1st cave. Then they talk about 1 passage with the fungus. Then they talk about the Orc Den Cave.

So it does not matter which way they go, which passageway they choose, they get fungus and a dead orc with a bonus....?!?

So if they head back to the 1st cave and go down the other passageway out, they get the same fungus and  another dead orc with an extra bonus in that 1 too...??!??

So there is no safe way to get to the Orc Den.....??!?? So how to the Bad Guys avoid killing them selves and why would the Orcs pick this cave to stay in, one that is filled with deadly death!?
I agree. This area holds a lot of grey area. Can we get some clarification?
[Spoiler DM only]

Oops, I see it now. Unless there's further clarification I'm going to run it like this.


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