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Unable to find this stated outright anywhere. Every source I can find that affects character origin type (shadow, natural, fey, etc) states that it changes your origin to that type, and some epic destinies allow you to change your origin and give bonuses depening on which you have. My issue then becomes that the character builder allows you to do things such as make an Eladrin, take Elan heritage, and then take Fey Cantrip afterwords.

I realize that the character builder is not a rules source, but I am unable to find an official source that says that you can only have one origin type. The intent seems clear (one origin type at a time), but I'd like to have a RAW take on it.
In theory you could have multiple origins if the game element says "add" instead of "replace" or "your origin becomes." There is no general rule which says you cannot have more than one origin.

Some of them are confusing, like Eighth Seal's 21st feature. "You are considered an Immortal Creature for all the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin." Now effect is "result of a game element's use." So it would not count for, say, feat pre-reqs, but would for, say "Immortal creatures are immune to this damage" from a power. So sometimes you'd get just your natural origin and sometimes you'd get both. If you, were, say, Fey, and hit with a power that said "This power does double-damage to Fey creatures and no damage to Immortal creatures" you'd be in a weird place. Thankfully not actually aware of any thing that causes this issue.

TL;DR: Depends on the wording of the game element in question.

And yes, the CB is not a rules source.
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