Combat; The Basics

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Initiative:  REF+1d10+modifiers (cyberware, or otherwise).  Highest acts first in a Round, lowest acts last.  When it comes to your turn, you can choose to act, or wait until after someone else acts.  After everyone has acted, Initiative is rolled again for the next round.

Snapshot/Fastdraw:  By declaring fastdraw/snapshot, you gain +3 to your initiative this round, but suffer a -3 to attack.  You can also not benefit from a scope, aiming, or any other aiming aid.

Actions:  During your turn, you may perform one action without penalty.  These may include

- Move up to your full Movement (3x your MA in meters, per round)
- Attack up to your weapon's maximum rate of fire (ROF), or make a melee attack
- Dodge (making yourself harder to hit; melee attacks only)
- Parry (deflecting damage onto something else; melee attacks only)
- Escape a hold or grab
- Aim (Gaining +1 to hit per consecutive turn spent aiming, max +3)
- Reload or change weapons
- Mount or dismount from a vehicle
- Repair or give medical aid
- Perform a non-combat task

More than one action.  You may perform more than action (within reason), at a cumulative -3 penalty to each additional action

Two weapon attacks.  You may attack with two weapons at a -3 penalty to attack for each weapon

Ambush/Backstab.  You can ambush or Backstab someone.  You must announce your intention, and then lie in wait.  The opponent must

a) be unaware of your location and your intention to attack.  If you are hiding, or laying in wait, the victim is allowed to make an Awareness roll and must beat your Stealth skill+INT+1d10.  If he succeeds, he becomes aware, and your ambush fails.  If he fails, then your ambush succeeds

b) have his attention on another situation, attack, or something requiring more attention.  This can be accomplished by setting up a distraction, or sneaking up while he is engaged with someone else in combat.

If the Ambush/Backstab succeeds, then you receive +5 to attack for 1 round only

Ambushing doesn't mean you go first, just that you get an advantage to the attack.  Until you act, the victim cannot attack the ambusher, or declare a defense against that attack because he is unaware of it.

Line of Sight and Facing.  Yes, Cyberpunk uses Line of Sight and Facing.  There must be an unobstructed view to your target, and you can see everything forward of your shoulders (forward 180 degrees), and cannot see anything to the rear of you.  On the VT, facing will have to be announced, since the tokens have none built in.

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