Making Attacks

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Ranged Attacks.  Any attack that is fired or thrown over a distance.  Roll REF STAT+SKILL+1D10 equal to or greater than a specific Hit Number, which is determined by the distance between you and the target.

 - Point Blank; Touching to 1 meter away, Hit Number 10
 - Close; up to 1/4 of the listed range, HN 15
 - Medium; up to 1/2 the listed range, HN 20
 - Long; Up to the listed range, HN 25
 - Extreme; Up to twice the listed range, HN 30

Modifiers.  When making an attack, you must add/subtract any applicable modifiers.  There is a chart with modifiers, but some of which will be listed below.

Aiming.  Each turn you spend aiming adds +1 to your to hit roll, to a max of +3.  You must have clear line of sight, not be moving.

Critical Success.  On a natural roll of a 10, you mar roll an additional d10 and add it to your total.

Fumbles.  On a natural 1, you have fumbled.  There is a fumble chart that applies in some situations, but other results are possible, such as weapon jams, misfires, etc.  Automatic weapons have a high chance of jamming on a Fumble, based on the Reliability of the weapon.

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