Automatic Weapons

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Autofire weapons may be fired in one of three different ways.  Three Round Bursts, Full Auto, and Suppressive fire.

Three Round Bursts.  Used to conserve ammo and improve accuracy, the three round burst grants a +3 to attack at Close and Medium ranges, it counts as one action, and if successful, you roll 1d6/2 (round up) or a d3 to determine how many rounds strike the target.  Can only be used against single targets, and Called shots only apply to the first bullet that hits.

Full Auto.  Used to cover a wide range of targets, or apply a lot of bullets to a single target.  If attacking more than 1 target, you divide ROF by the number of targets (round down), then roll to attack each separately.  For every 10 rounds fired at close range, apply +1 to your attack.  For every 10 rounds fired at Medium, Long, or Extreme range, apply a -1 penalty to the attack.

For every point over the required to-hit roll, 1 extra bullet strikes the target, up to the max ROF of the weapon (or the amount fired at the tatget).

Suppressive Fire.  Used to cover a fire zone, making it hazardous to pass through.  All targets entering or crossing the fire zone, must make a save (Athletics+REF+d10), and beat the save number, or take 1d6 rounds, each to a random location.

The save number is determined by dividing the total number of rounds fired into the fire zone, divided by the width of the fire zone, in meters.  Example.  a single magazine of 30 rounds fired into a 2 meter fire zone requires a save of 15.  If 3 people each emptied their clip of 30 into the same 2 meter fire zone, the same would be 45 (30*3 = 90/2)

Minimum width of a Fire Zone is 2m

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