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4e fans - if you got a 360 or PS3, the old arcade games are now available as 'Shadow Over Mystara' for $15. These games are awesome. Here's a fun 4-player 'Let's Play' video of it.
4e D&D is not a "Tabletop MMO." It is not Massively Multiplayer, and is usually not played Online. Come up with better descriptions of your complaints, cuz this one means jack ****.
They're fun, especially multiplayer, like D&D should be.  And now I own them legally!

I could kick myself, I passed up an opportunity to buy a Tower of Doom arcade machine from a local guy for $500 a few years ago .... ugh.  I can still find them for sale here and there sometimes, especially on craigslist, but none that are local or so cheap.

I haven't played it a lot yet, but how do you access the character visualizer they talked about?  Is that what the diamond VP thing is for ... you have to get a certain number of VP to use it? 

OD&D, 1E and 2E challenged the player. 3E challenged the character, not the player. Now 4E takes it a step further by challenging a GROUP OF PLAYERS to work together as a TEAM. That's why I love 4E.

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"Challenge" is overrated.  "Immersion" is usually just a more pretentious way of saying "having fun playing D&D."

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