Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

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Not sure if anyone out there plays Gearbox Software's Borderlands 2, but a new DLC for the video game comes out today called Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. The premise has the NPCs of the game engaging in a sit-down to play "Bunkers & Badasses" and the rest of the shooter takes place with your character meeting classic fantasy (and TTRPG) scenarios you might find in the clearly-referenced Dungeons & Dragons.

I wonder how the writers of the game stand up to the expectations of the D&D community. Has Gearbox done D&D justice? How has the community and the game been painted this time?
I had a chuckle at this in Fable (3?), I'll have to take a look in B2 as well.

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I've seen the trailer and some random snips of gameplay. Absoultely hilarious stuff.
I'd likely enjoy it more if Tina weren't so bloody annoying, and I've never particularly liked this flavor of sophomoric satire in the first place. That said, despite being both an unsubtle (if affectionate) mockery of TRPGs and a case study in truly awful DMing, it still amused me more than Next itself does. 

That's kind of a sad statement about Next, isn't it?
Relative to how important your sense of amusing is, yes.

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Only got words in my copy.


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Well I disagree on multiple fronts. Tina isn't annoying to me, but I can see how folks might see that. Though I was worried there'd be way too much of her in the DLC (played it last night), I thought it was well done. Also, I run a weekly playtest of Next and I'm happy to have both.

I thought that it was great they could pipe in plenty of cultural references while also giving a sense of getting lost or ambushed. The progression was really great, it was subtle but nice because, let's face it, you're there to shoot things to smithereens not analyze the story. Some things I feel like they actually do better than a lot of D&D, like getting more creative with skeletons or making orcs actually threatening.
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